The Best Man is the name given to the chief male assistant to the bridegroom. The Best Man is chosen by the Groom. It is usually his brother or best friend. The role of a Best Man originated with the Germanic goths around 200 AD.

In Anglo-Saxon England the Best Man would act as a bodygaurd for both the groom and the bride. During Anglo-Saxon England weddings the bride would stand to the left of her groom so that his sword arm was free. The Best Man would keep his hand on his sword ready to fend off trouble and protect the couple. Often during these times, the best Swordsman in the area was chosen as the Best Man.

Originally, the Best Man stood on the Brides side, but over time this has changed and he now stands on the Grooms side.

* Organize the Bucks night for the Groom.

* Get the Groom dressed and to the ceremony on time.

* Make sure the Groom has the marriage license with him.

* Take care of the Brides wedding ring.

* Offers first toast to Bride and Groom at reception.

* Witness the signing of documents.

*Decorating the car of the married couple

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