Leon Trotsky, (original name Lev Davidovich Bronstein), was born November 7, 1879, in Kherson Province, Ukraine.

Educated in Odesa and in Mykolayiv. After briefly staying at Odessa University, Leon Trotsky returned to Mykolayiv in 1897, to organize the Southern Russian Workers Union, which led him to being arrested, jailed, and exiled to Siberia.

Trotsky escaped from Siberia in 1902. He fled to Europe, and it was at this time he adopted the pseudonym "Trotsky". Leon Trotsky joined Lenin, L. Martov, Georgy Plekhanov, and other Russian Social-Democrats.

Trotsky returned to Russia to participate in the 1905 Revolution. Once again Leon Trotsky was jailed and exiled to Siberia, only to escape again in 1907.

By the time of the Revolution of 1917, Leon Trotsky was in New York City. Trotsky rushed back to Russia, and assumed leadership of the independent left Social-Democratic Interdistrict Group. After being courted by Lenin, Trotsky joined the Bolsheviks. As a Bolshevik, Leon Trotsky was elected chairman of the Soviet in September.

Trotsky directed the masses of workers and soldiers in the November revolution. In the new Soviet government, Leon Trotsky first became commissar of foreign affairs.

Trotsky was second only to Lenin in the Politburo. When a stroke removed Lenin from active politics, Leon Trotsky was outmaneuvered by Stalin.

In 1925 Leon Trotsky was removed him from the Commissariat of War, in 1926 expelled from the Politburo, and in 1928 Stalin exiled him to Central Asia. Then in 1929, Trotsky was expelled him from the USSR. Trotsky produced a number of publications in Turkey, France, Norway, and finally Mexico. Leon Trotsky was assasinated by an agent, and died on August 21, 1940, in Coyoacán, Mexico.

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