Eva Braun Biography

February 6, 1912 : Eva Braun is born in Munich, Germany.

1928 : Attended Lyzeums. One year commercial education in a monastery with Simbach at the Inn.

1929 : Eva Braun first met Hitler in the studio of his photographer friend, Heinrich Hoffmann. At the age of just 17, Eva Braun slipped a love letter into Hitlers pocket.

1931 : Eva Braun became Hitlers mistress, living in his Munich flat.

1932 : Eva tries to kill herself. Hitler then buys her a villa in a Munich suburb, and provided her with a Mercedes and chauffeur.

1935 : Eva attempts a second attempted suicide.

1936 : Eva Braun moves to Hitler's Berghof at Berchtesgaden. Eva and Hitler rarely appear in public together, few Germans even knew of her existence.

1945 : Eva Braun joins Hitler in the Fuhrerbunker, as the Russians closed in on Berlin. She declined to leave. 29 April, Hitler and Eva Braun married. The next day Eva Braun committed suicide by swallowing poison. On Hitler's orders, both bodies were cremated with petrol in the Reich Chancellery garden. Her charred corpse was later discovered by the Russians. Her mother, Franziska, who lived in an old farmhouse in Ruhpolding, Bavaria, died at the age of ninety-six, in January 1976.

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