Winston Churchill was born, Nove 30, in 1874 at Blenheim Palace.

His father was, Lord Randolph Churchill, and his mother Jennie Jerome. In 1888, Winston Churchill entered Harrow, but he never made the upper school. In 1894, Winston Churchill graduated from the "Royal Military College" at Sandhurst. He was commissioned in the 4th Hussars. Later, Winston Churchill served as a military observer with the Spanish forces in Cuba.

In 1897 he served in the Indian army in the Malakand expedition. In 1898, appeared his first book, "The Story of the Malakand Field Force". Churchill wrote a novel, "Savrola" in 1900, which strangely anticipated later developments in history.

During the South African War in 1899, Winston Churchill went as a war correspondent for the London Morning Post. Winston Churchill was captured, and taken to a prison camp in Pretoria, but made a dramatic escape. His escape made him world famous overnight.

On Jan. 23, 1901, Churchill became a member of Parliament for Oldham (Lancashire). He later became Undersecretary of State for the colonies. In 1906, Winston Churchill published lord Randolph Churchill (2 vols.), and in 1908, My African Journey. In 1908, Winston Churchill married Clementine Hozier. They had one son and four daughters.

Winston Churchill became President of the Board of Trade (1908-1910), and Home Secretary (1910-1911).

After W.W.1. Winston Churchill took up painting as a strong interest throughout his life. Churchill lost his seat in Parliament in the 1922 elections.

When war started in 1939, Winston Churchill was recalled, as "first lord of the admiralty". On May 10, 1940, Churchill was called to supreme power. For the next 5 years Winston Churchill held supreme command, as prime minister and minister of defense.

On the surrender of Germany in May 1945, Winston Churchill rode around London in the victory celebrations.

After the war, Winston Churchill lost office, and turned to writing a personal history, The Second World War (6 vols., 1948-1953).

On Oct. 26, 1951, at age 77, Winston Churchill again became prime minister and minister of defense. In 1953, he received the Nobel Prize in literature. On April 5, 1955, in his 80th year, Winston Churchill resigned as prime minister. On April 9, 1963, he received, by special act of the U.S. Congress, the unprecedented honor of being made an honorary American citizen. Winston Churchill died in London, Jan. 24, 1965, at age 90.

Voting Polls:
In a 2002 BBC poll of the 100 Greatest Britons, Sir Winston Churchill was voted the greatest-ever Briton.
According to a Gallup Poll, Winston Churchill is the tenth most admired person by Americans in the 20th century.

Buildings, Colleges and Statues:
In the City of Edmonton, Canada, a city block named in the honour of Winston Churchill. The most prominent example of a statue of Churchill is the official statue commissioned by the government and created by Ivor Roberts-Jones which now stands in Parliament Square, erected 1976. In 1960, Churchill College, Cambridge was established as the national and Commonwealth learning institution dedicated in his honour. Nine schools in Canada are named in honour of Winston Churchill. Churchill Auditorium at the Technion is named after him. In 1966, a large dock in the Port of Antwerp was named after him by Queen Elisabeth II at a ceremony. At least four American high schools carry his name. Churchill Square was revamped in 2004 just in time for the city's 100 birthday. There are several other squares named after him.

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