According to the folks at Disney there were 6,469,952 spots painted on the dogs in the original 101 Dalmatians.

At Disneyland in California, Josť the Macaw, the mechanical star of the Enchanted Tiki Room, originally sat near the entrance to Adventureland. He was so popular with visitors that he created a traffic jam and had to relocated to inside the attraction.

At the rate of about 40 painting hours per horse on the King Arthur's Carrousel at Disneyland, it takes several years to refurbish all of the horses. Then the cycle starts again.

Disney World in Florida was opened to the public in 1971. The amusement park was the largest in the world, set within 28,000 acres. It required a $400-million investment, and did not do well during the first year it was opened. Only 10,000 people visited Disney World during that initial year. With time, however, the attendance numbers rose to more than 10,000 people an hour.

Disney's Mickey Mouse was featured on cereal boxes for the Post cereal Toasties corn flakes back in 1935.

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Donald Duck comics were nearly banned years ago in Finland because he didn't wear pants.

Every plant in Tomorrowland at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, is edible. Plants in this section of the amusement park include bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, and more.

In 1940, Walt Disney's Fantasia was the first film in history to use stereophonic sound.

In March 2000, the Disney company reversed its 43 year ban on mustaches for its theme park employees.

Some of America's funniest entertainers worked in sales before they hit it big in show business. Steve Martin sold Disneyland guidebooks, Carol Burnett sold handbags in a shoe store, Ellen DeGeneres sold vacuum cleaners, David Hyde Pierce sold clothing, Jerry Seinfeld sold lightbulbs, and Jerry Van Dyke sold Bibles.

The Contemporary Resort Hotel at Walt Disney World was "assembled" in a very unique way. The frame was built first, and then in order to save time and money, each room was constructed on the ground to include all the bedroom items (i.e., chairs, beds, etc.). The finished rooms were then hoisted by crane and inserted into the framework.

The Disney film Mary Poppins (1964) was shot entirely indoors.

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