Scientists have discovered a rare meat-eating plant that grows underground. The St. Petersburg Times reports the species of utricularia is carnivorous -- eating nematodes and other tiny underground creatures with a nodule that sucks the meat into the plant. It was discovered at the Central Florida Archbold Biological Station in Lake Wales, Fla. Scientists say by growing underground, the unique plant is protected from evaporation. It has leaves that grow upward and roots that grow downward from the underground main stalk.

When this woman died, this man asked that a fresh rose be placed on her grave every week forever. He is Joe Dimaggio - She is Marilyn Monroe.

The first Hula-Hoops were made of grape vines and used in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The Wham-O Manufacturing Company created the modern Hula-Hoop in the 1950's. It retailed for $1.98 when the Hula-Hoop craze started in 1958.

Who has personally collected more "Oscars" than any other man? Walt Disney collected 26.

Who used Oxygum to breathe underwater? MARINE BOY.

Does hot water weigh more than cold water? Yes. Hot water weighs more than cold water.

Did you know that....a robin has almost 3,000 feathers.

This man, and this woman spent a forbidden "royal night" together....He was Lancelot and he was Guineviere.

Phengophobia is the fear of daylight or sunshine.

The Eiffel Tower was built for the Paris Exhibition of 1889. Two million people visited it that year. It was intended to be a temporary structure and dismantled in 20 years. Gustave Eiffel approached the military in 1901 about making the tower a long range radio antenna. In 1903 radio connection with bases around Paris was made. When a permanent radio station was placed on the tower in 1906 it ensured the tower's continuing survival. Gustave had an office at the top of the tower.

Rome was the first city ever to boast a population greater than one million.

You're more likely to get stung by a bee on a windy day that in any other weather.

The term scumbag was originally used early in this century to refer to a condom.

The Mongol conqueror Timur the Lame (1336-1405), played polo with the skulls of those he had killed in battle. Timur left record of his victories by erecting 30-foot-high pyramids made of the severed heads of his victims.

There is a common misconception that toilet flush in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere. This is totally untrue. The way water spins in a toilet bowl is determined solely by the way the holes are ported in the bowl. Therefore, it's possible to say that water in a toilet can spin both ways, North or South of the equator, depending only on the way the toilet is designed.

After cats eat, they always immediately bathe themselves. This is because their instinct tells them to get the food scent off of them so that predators will not smell the food and come after them.

The Romans were the first ancient society to open a legal chain of brothels.

In Alabama, USA, it is illegal to carry a comb in your pocket.

Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn't wear pants.

A monkey was once tried and convicted for smoking a cigarette in South Bend, Indiana, usa.

An elephant can be pregnant for up to two years.

A thousand tons of meteor dust fall earth every day.

Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors.

A child's Egyptian tomb from 3000 BC contained the knucklebones of sheep and dogs. Scholars believe the bones were used to play a game similar to the modern game of marbles.

The animal with the largest brain in proportion to its size is the ant.

In California, US, it is illegal to set a mouse trap without a hunting license!

Happy Birthday To You" is the most widely sung song in the English speaking world.









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