Although the original Tarot Cards were to keep secret records of history they have evolved over time to other uses as well. These days they are most popular with divination. The Tarot Card has also recently been used for playing games and gambling. They are also potent in casting spells. The more experienced will use the Tarot Card for casting spells, while others use the Tarot Card in paintings, gifts and even for decoration. There have spawned many different styles of the Tarot Card over the years with the most popular still being the Rider Waite Tarot card deck.


There are 78 cards to a tarot deck. This is made up of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana and the fool. Arcana is the plural form of the Latin word arcanum, meaning "closed" or "secret".

The fool is numbered 0. The major arcana which represent the original tarot deck are numbered 1 to XX1.

The minor arcana are made up of 4 kings, 4 queens, 4 knights, four aces, and the cards numbered 2 to 10.

Tarot Cards have originated from various countries. In the traditional Italian card, there are Swords, Batons, Coins and Cups. In more modern tarot card, the Batons are called called Wands, Rods or Staves. The Coins are called Pentacles. Because these days the Tarot Card serve many purposes there are a large variety of Tarot decks.

The exact origins and beginnings of the tarot card are unsure. There is no factual evidence that shows these beginnings. Most of this evidence was long since destroyed during the times of the inquisition and religious persecutions of the times. What we do know, is what was the original purpose and meaning of the tarot card. The tarot card were originally a way of recording the true history of the Celtic church and bloodlines of Jesus. It must be realized that during these times to say or do anything that was against the beliefs of the church would see you tortured and killed. Just being in possession of tarot cards would mean death. The church knew the people were using tarot cards as a form of recording history and as such During the inquisition were people were tortured, burned and killed. As the church rewrote the history of Jesus and the Celtic church to suit their purpose the people kept the true history alive through such things as tarot cards. Famous painters such as Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci painted hidden messages in their paintings recording the truth of the bloodlines of Jesus. The earliest date attributed to the tarot card is seen in European museums is 1390. But the actual origins of the cards is thought to go back far earlier. King Edward the 4th in the 15th century banned the importation of tarot cards. However, many people did keep the Tarot cards, especially the nobility. With the eventual collapse of the inquisition times, freedom swept Europe, and as it did, tarot cards became the fashion. The fact that gypsies subsequently used the tarot card for divination was quite incidental to there original purpose. The meaning of the Tarot Card in divination is vastly different to the meaning of the tarot Card in History.

The major arcana represent the original deck of tarot cards. The minor arcana were added much later to the Tarot Cards. The major arcana are made up of 22 cards in the Tarot pack which are numbered 1 to XX1. The major arcana are the most important cards in a Tarot Card Meaning spread and the minor arcana are built around them. Each tarot card has a name, number and symbol which can be traced back over hundreds of years.

The minor arcana consists of 56 cards in the Tarot deck. It consists of four suits - wands, pentacles, clubs, swords. The court cards consist of king, queen, knight, page and ace. The court cards usually represent people. The aces are the beginning of the sequence of the ten cards of a Tarot suit of the minor arcana. Their meaning may also represent the different seasons. The other cards of the minor arcana are the situation cards which are numbered 11 to X in the Tarot deck.

Rider-Waite Tarot Card Deck:
It was in December 1909 that the first deck were published. The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite was published in 1910. Since then the Rider-Waite tarot card deck has been used all the world over. When one looks at the tarot card you may sem to think that the images are very simple in nature. But this is in fact very deceptive of their true value and the information they contain. When one looks more closely at the tarot cards you will soon find vast amounts of information. The tarot cards of the Rider-Waite deck are in many ways still similar to early tarot cards. What Waite has done with his deck of tarot is tone down some of the Christian influence. We can see that the Pope card has changed to the Hierophant.

Wand Tarot Card Meaning:
Action, work, occupation.
The Wands indicate, energy, growth, enterprise and animation.
The Wand Tarot Card suggests a constant renewal of life and growth.
The Salamander is associated with Tarot Wands.
The direction given to Wands is south.
Wands are synonymous with Lions.

Ace Of Wands
Birth, new, start, beginning. A hand comes from the clouds offering a flowering wand. Eight leaves float in the air. This suggests the descent of the spirit into matter. Something of a creative nature is being offered. Divination Meaning : Beginning of an enterprise. Maybe beginning of a family or journey.

Eight Of Wands
Strength, advantage, courage. Having sped through the open country the eight wands are about to rest. Divination Meaning : Messages, letters of love. Approach to your goal.

Five Of Wands
Fight, conflict, struggle. Five youths are fighting with wands. Divination Meaning : In the battle of life boldness changes things for the better.

Four Of Wands
Happiness, joy, pleasure, harmony. Two maidens are rejoicing with flowers held high. In the background is a castle. Divination Meaning : Perfected work. Romance and a coming marriage.

King Of Wands
Male, 35 plus, red, grey or fair hair. Honest, trustworthy, professional. The King sits in a royal robe with a crown on his head and Salamanders adorn the pillar behind him. Wands represent the scepter of the King. Divination Meaning : May mean an unexpected heritage. A loyal and noble man. Sometimes too hasty.

Knight Of Wands
Male, about 20 - 30, red, sandy of fair hair. Determined, leadership, positive. Handsome Knight in armour gallops across the plains. Divination Meaning : A young man overflowing with energy. He is too hasty in what he does. May indicate a change of residence.

Nine Of Wands
Defensive, wary, cautious, afraid. The man has fought and is well prepared to fight again. The starves behind him are the boundary he protects. Divination Meaning : Pause in a struggle. Eventual victory.

Page Of Wands
Young Male or Female, sandy, fair or red hair. Determined, leader, adventurous. A maiden or princess stands upholding a wand as if about to deliver a message. Divination Meaning : Sudden in love or anger. A messenger. Desire for power.

Queen Of Wands
Female, 20 plus, red, fair or grey hair. Professional, honest, trustworthy. A Queen sits on her throne holding a staff in her right hand and a Sunflower in her left hand indicating her control over nature. Divination Meaning : Has power to attract what she wants. Is practical with money. Good business judgement.

Ten Of Wands
Opposition, burden, hardship, difficulties. A man carries ten starves and although the burden seems more then he can manage he is able to continue his journey. Divination Meaning : Energy applied to selfish ends. Problem solved too soon.

Six Of Wands
Victory, success, triumph, rewarding. The Lord of Victory rides by carrying a Laurel crown in his stave. His men march beside him. Divination Meaning : Good news. Victory after problems. Advancement.

Three Of Wands
Success, trade, advantage, attainment. In the Three of Wands the man has accomplished what the man in the Two of Wands was just beginning. Divination Meaning : Realization of hope. Caution against arrogance. Help from a powerful business friend.

Two Of Wands
Gain, project, goal, success. The lord of Dominion looks out over the sea holding a world globe in his right hand and a staff in his left. There is a balance between thought and desire. Divination Meaning : Courage in embarking on an enterprise. Influence over another.

Seven Of Wands
Strength, advantage, courage, success. The youth is fighting for the freedom of his land. Six enemies are attacking from below. Divination Meaning : Victory through courage. Success over opposition.

Cup Tarot Card Meaning:
Sense, feelings, affection.
Cups are about love and happiness.
Cups refer to water, a symbol of the unconscious mind.
The female water spirit the "Undine", is the creature associated with the Cup Tarot Cards.
The direction of Cups is west.

Ace Of Cups
Marriage, happiness, satisfaction, union. A hand comes from the cloud offering a cup from which there are five flowing streams of water falling into a lake. This is the symbol of the subconscious mind. Divination Meaning : Beginning of great love. May indicate a pregnancy.

Eight Of Cups
Leaving, escaping, avoiding. A man with a pilgram`s staff is abandoning his success. A Barron scene lies before him. Divination Meaning : Disappointment in love. Success abandoned.

Five Of Cups
Loss, regret, rejection, refusal. Wrapped in a black coat of despair the figure contemplates the three spilled cups. The river is the stream of subconscious. Divination Meaning : May indicate a death of someone close. Marriage break up. Loss of friendship.

Four Of Cups
Despair, disappointed, weary. A Man sits in contemplation oblivious to the three cups before him and the cup offered from the clouds. Divination Meaning : A stationary period in life. Kindness from other people.

King Of Cups
A King sits in his throne surrounded by the sea. He represents balance, peace, arts and science. Divination Meaning : This person is skilled in law and a trade. Turbulent voyage.

Knight Of Cups
Masculine, 20 plus, fair or light brown hair. Presentation, proposal, gift, approach. A stately knight in armour but not warlike. Divination Meaning : Marriage proposal. Unexpected gift. A young man who is graceful.

Nine Of Cups
Complete, pleasure, good, satisfaction. This is the wish card. Divination Meaning : If this card appears you will get your wish. Material success.

Page Of Cups
Young Female, Fair or light brown hair. News, message, pregnancy, birth. A youth contemplates a cup from which a fish emerges. The fish is the symbol of an idea. Divination Meaning : Good news. Birth of a child. Pregnancy. Business opportunity.

Queen Of Cups
Female, 20 plus, fair to light brown hair. Wise, perceptive, intuitive. A Queen sits on a throne surrounded by water. She contemplates a cup which is closed indicating that what it contains is not meant to be seen by all. Divination Meaning : A person who can put into practise what the decree. Good business opportunity.

Six Of Cups
A small boy offers a girl a cup filled with flowers. The home in the background conveys thoughts of happy childhood memories. Divination Meaning : Happy feelings coming from the past. Meeting with a childhood friend.

Ten Of Cups
Happiness, flourish, joy, family. A couple and their children with their home in the background hold up their arms with happiness at the rainbows promise. Divination Meaning : Lasting happiness. New home. Happy friendship. Peace.

Three Of Cups
Celebration, happy, social. Three people in a garden raise their cups. Divination Meaning : Could mean three involved in a relationship. A partner is unfaithful.

Two Of Cups
Love, union, relationship. A couple make their vows of affection with each holding a cup of the good things of life. Above them the lion of carnal desires has taken wing. Divination Meaning : Beginning of love. Engagement or marriage.

Sword Tarot Card Meaning:
This set of cards often involve a difficult period of Crisis.
It is a period of challenge that you must overcome. Sword Tarot Cards express courage and it teaches you that you must show courage in these difficult times.
Sometimes the card may also problems with enemies.

Ace Of Swords
Victory, success, power, positive. A two edged sword is held by a hand emerged from the clouds. The card symbolizes justice. Divination Meaning : The power to love or hate strongly. To win an event.

Eight Of Swords
Obstacles, limited, restrictions, constraint. A maiden is blindfolded and bound in a marshy place and surrounded by swords. Divination Meaning : Imprisonment. Scared to leave a situation. Trapped in unhappy marriage or job.

Five Of Swords
Separation, defeat, conflict, loss. A knave has captured the swords of his enemies who leave in despair. The querent may be the victor or loser. Divination Meaning : Conquest of others. Or failure.

Four Of Swords
Sickness, solitary, delays. A knight lies upon his tomb in the Celtic Church. Divination Meaning : May indicate the death of someone close. End of a business. Great loss.

Seven Of Swords
Theft, failure, disappointment. A man steals five swords from a military compound but two are left behind. Divination Meaning : A plan may fail. Attempting to take what not is yours.

Six Of Swords
Journey, travel, escape. A man ferries a woman and child across the water to a safe land. Divination Meaning : The future looks better after the problems of the past. Having another represent you in an undertaking.

Ten Of Swords
Violence, pain, destruction. A man lies in a lonely place with eight swords piercing his body. Divination Meaning : Tears will fall. Disruption of the home life. Back problems. Accident. Ruin of plans.

Three Of Swords
Loss, pain, conflict, sorrow. A heart in a storm is pierced by three swords. Divination Meaning : Broken heart. End of a love. Separation, divorce.

Two Of Swords
Decisions, review, opinion. A blindfolded woman balances two swords. Behind her the sea contains rocks to trap the unwary. Divination Meaning : Major decision to be made. Tension in love. Torn between two.

King Of Swords
Male, 35 plus, light brown to dark brown hair. Government, legal, authority. A King is seated on the throne of judgement. He represents law and order. The power of life and death. Divination Meaning : This is a male who may be a lawyer, policeman, judge, or government official. He can give wise counsel.

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Knight Of Swords
Male, 20 - 35, light brown to dark brown hair. Loss, destruction, sudden, trouble. A knight dashes across the open country on a mission. The sword is pointed upward to the highest ideals of life. Divination Meaning : A dashing, brave young man. Although dominant, he has a pure heart.

Nine Of Swords
Sadness, depression, nightmares. A woman wakes in the night and sits in despair. Nine swords hang above her head and her blanket is covered in zodiac signs. Divination Meaning : Bad dreams. Financial loss. May indicate the death of someone close.

Page Of Swords
Young Male or Female, light brown to dark brown hair. Difficult, aggressive, opposing. A youth walks over rough terrain carrying a sword. This card gives the feeling trouble is brewing. Divination Meaning : Bad news by a letter or phone. Uncontrollable young person.

Queen Of Swords
Female, 20 plus, light brown to dark brown hair. Divorce, loss, widowhood, bereavement. A Queen sits on a throne with a raised sword in her left hand. This says "Let those approach who dare". Divination Meaning : Kindness but also firmness. Person may be in mourning. Woman fighting an emotional battle.

Pentacle Tarot Card Meaning:
Wealth, finance, income.
In ancient times Pentacles were metal disks inscribed with magic formulas.
The Pentacles are inscribed with the five pointed star called the Pentagram.
The direction of the Pentacles is east.
The creature is the Gnome, a being of the Earth.
The Pentacle Tarot Card is the suit of the merchant.

Ace Of Pentacles
Money, luck, wealth, success. A hand comes from a cloud holding a Pentacle. Lilies of pure thought grow in the garden below. Divination Meaning : The successful beginning of a new business. New job. Material gain.

Eight Of Pentacles
Career, student, employment. An apprentice is carving out a Pentacle. He exhibits other Pentacles on the post. Divination Meaning : Learning a trade. The beginning of a new business. New job.

Five Of Pentacles
Poverty, destitution, struggle. A destitute man and woman pass under a lighted window. Stuck in outer darkness they have not yet realized the inner light. Divination Meaning : Friendship discovered through similar troubles. Loss of job. Loss of home.

Four Of Pentacles
Tenacity, reliable, possessive. A miser who clings to his gold. Money is more important to him then anything else. Divination Meaning : Indicates someone who is a scrooge. Material gain but no spiritual gain.

King Of Pentacles
Male, 35 plus, dark brown to black hair. The King holds a scepter to represent his power. In his other hand is a Pentacle. Divination Meaning : Powerful businessman, banker or property magnate. He is good in marriage and good with giving to charity.

Knight Of Pentacles
Male, 20 plus, dark brown to black hair. A knight rides a workhorse through a heavily ploughed field. The knight is a materialist who looks at the Pentacle he holds. Divination Meaning : A strong responsible man. New business venture.

Nine Of Pentacles
Security, wealth, luxury, money. A well dressed woman stands in a vineyard with a bird upon her wrist. She is safe in her possessions. The bird represents a well controlled thought. Divination Meaning : Inheritance. Enjoying the good things of life. Unexpected money to come your way.

Page Of Pentacles
Young Female, dark brown to black hair. Motivated, attentive, skillful. A prince or princess stands in the field and gazes at a Pentacle. Divination Meaning : Good news for study and ideas. About to start a new study course. Planning future.

Queen Of Pentacles
Female, 20 plus, dark brown to black hair. The Queen of fertility sits on a throne with a cupid at the back. The rabbit of fertility sits at her side nearby. Divination Meaning : Indicates a person generous with gifts. Good mother.

Seven Of Pentacles
Work, planning, future, business. A farmer thinks about the Pentacles growing on the vine to his right. Will he receive his just harvest from his hard work. Divination Meaning : Stress over a loan. Pause and think during development of a business. Loss of money.

Six Of Pentacles
Donation, distribution, giving, charity. A good man gives money to the needy. He gives with balance and judgement. Divination Meaning : You receive what you deserve. Charity work. Others will share with you.

Ten Of Pentacles
Residence, family, wealth. A family and their dogs rest before an archway on which is inscribed a coat of arms. Divination Meaning : May be the purchase of a new house or business. Interest in one`s ancestry.

Three Of Pentacles
Trade, work, skill, craftsmanship. A sculpture puts a finishing touch on a carving he is doing for a church. This card represents the catholic churches takeover of the peoples beliefs and using religion as a money making business. Three Pentacles adorn the archway. This is also the card of the Freemasons. Divination Meaning : Gain in a commercial transaction. Job opportunity`s.

Two Of Pentacles
Exchange, share, juggling. A young man dances while he balances two Pentacles held together by a figure eight cord. Divination Meaning : Juggling two situations at the same time. News in writing. New projects will be difficult.

Tarot Card Meaning:
It should be noted that there are two basic meaning to the tarot card. The first is the Symbolic meaning of the tarot card.
Both what the symbols on the tarot card mean individually and also as a collective symbol.
The second is the divinational meaning of the tarot card.
That is the divinational meaning of the individual card in a reading or as part of a tarot card layout.

Chariot Tarot Card Meaning
Transportation, movement, journey, progress.
Signifies victory for the triumphant king who has conquered on all planes.
The chariot stands for the human personality.
The symbol on the front of the chariot shows the wings of inspiration.
Divination Meaning : Decisions to be made as the enquirer is being pulled in two different directions. May indicate travel.
Mental and physical powers should lead to fulfillment.

Death Tarot Card Meaning
End, finish, final, cease. A skeleton in armor tramples over a fallen king.
Death carries a banner which is the symbol of Mars and the Life Force.
The river in the background indicates the constant circulation of the Life Force into materialization and out again. Divination Meaning : The end of a situation.
Birth of new ideas.

Devil Tarot Card Meaning
Anger, violence, jealousy, selfishness. He has a goat`s face and horns.
He has donkey ears suggesting materialism. He sits on a half cube indicating half knowledge.
In reality there is no Devil, just in man`s creation. The chains around the neck are loose and can be removed at any time.
Divination Meaning : Be warned in regards to money and love.
Wrong use of force. Bondage to materialism.

The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning
Masculine, fatherly, advisor.
The Emperor sits in a throne commanding and stately. In his right hand he holds an Egyptian Ankh and in his left hand is the globe of domination.
The Emperor is the active father force.
Divination Meaning : The fruits of toil, the results of action.
Represents the father or figure of authority.

Empress Tarot Card Meaning
Feminine, motherly, fertility, creation.
The Empress is the Earth mother. The Empress hair is bound by a wreath of myrtle.
The heart shaped shield has the symbol of Venus.
She wears a crown of twelve stars. The Empress is the Goddess of love, Venus and the symbol of universal fecundity.
Divination Meaning : Represents the mother or sometimes the grandmother.

Fool Tarot Card Meaning
Carefree, foolish, indiscreet, vague.
This card represents inexperience.
It is the direction of the unknown.
The wallet tied to the wand over his shoulder carries the four magic symbols he will need to learn.
The fool is about to pass into a path of life that each soul must journey.
Divination Meaning : the subject of the reading is a dreamer.
They must be very careful in their decision making.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning
Restricted, stopped, limited, suspend.
A young man is suspended by one foot from a T-Cross of wood.
To an extent the Hanged Man is still Earthbound.
He has attained a measure of perfection but not yet complete freedom.
We see in the Hanged Man the dependency on the Cosmic Tree of Life.
Divination Meaning : A pause in one's life.
Material temptation is conquered.

Hermit Tarot Card Meaning
Solitude, guidance, thinking, reflection.
The Hermit stands isolated on a snow covered peak.
He holds a lantern to guide those below.
This is the lamp of truth.
Divination Meaning : A journey may be necessary in order to gain knowledge.
A chance meeting will guide the seeker on the right path.

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning
Marriage, union, relationships, blessing, consent.
The Hierophant sits between the two pillars of the Tree of Life from the Kabalah.
The capitals of the pillars are decorated with mystic symbols of sexual union. The Hierophant is the ruling power of external Religion.
Divination Meaning : Indicates religion, ceremony and ritual. Sometimes indicative of the star sign Taurus.
The importance of social approval.

Judgement Tarot Card Meaning
Renewal, change, transfer, alter.
The angel Gabriel emerges from the heavens blowing on his bannered trumpet.
This blast from the trumpet is the word that liberates man from his limitations. The cross on the banner is the solar symbol of the balance of forces.
The coffins float on the sea of cosmic mind stuff. Divination Meaning : A life well lived, a work well done.
Legal judgement in one's favour. May also indicate a funeral of someone close.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning
Legal, balance, justice, equality.
Justice is seated between the positive and negative forces. Her sword is lifted in defence of justice.
Divination Meaning : Justice will be done. Indicates some sort of legal activity.
Whether it is favourable will depend on the follow on card.

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning
Lovers, partners, union, relationships.
We find Raphael pouring down cosmic benediction on the man and woman.
Divination Meaning : The struggle between sacred love and profane harmony.
Refers to love and relationships.

Magician Tarot Card Meaning
Masculine, talented, creative, gifted.
The magician stands before a table on which are the Wand, Sword, Cup and Pentacle, which represent the minor arcana.
He is about to draw power from the universe.
The magician represents man`s will in union with the divine in achieving the power and knowledge. Divination Meaning : Has the ability to take power from above and direct it through desire into manifestation. Indicates organizational skills.
Strong ability to take charge and organize.

Moon Tarot Card Meaning
Caution, beware, moody, risk. The Moon in three phases watches over the land.
A crayfish appears symbolizing the early stages of conscious powers.
The wolf is natures untamed creation.
Divination Meaning : Night will be of importance.
Mystic dreams.

High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning
Feminine, secrets, confidant, mystery. The High Priestess sits between the two pillars of the Temple of Solomon. Boaz, the black pillar represents the negative life force while, Jachin, the white pillar, represents the positive life force.
The High Priestess has on her lap a scroll of esoteric wisdom.
Divination Meaning : When this card appears in a man`s reading it indicates the perfect woman he dreams of. In a woman`s reading it may indicate she can find such values in herself.
Hidden influences here at work. This person may have talents in the area of art, music or poetry.

Reverse Tarot Card Meaning
When the tarot is reversed in a spread the meaning becomes very different. Usually it will indicate the negative or opposite of the upright card.
For example when the lovers card is upright it means Faithful but when it is reversed it means unfaithful.
Another example may be the magician card, which when upright may mean talented but when reversed may mean no talent.
The reverse meaning helps establish the line of direction the inquirer is headed for.

Star Tarot Card Meaning
Prospects, hope, destiny, opportunity. A beautiful maiden kneels with one foot balanced on the water of the subconscious.
She is the Empress and Mother Nature pouring the waters of life onto the material Earth.
Divination Meaning : Good health.
Love will be given and received.

Strength Tarot Card Meaning
Fortitude, strength, energy, vitality.
A women covered in flowers who may be opening or closing a lion`s mouth.
Above her head is the cosmic lemniscate of eternal life. She is showing spiritual courage.
Divination Meaning : Indicates willpower to overcome adversity. Love over hate.
Spiritual power overcoming material power.

Sun Tarot Card Meaning
Success, happiness, abundance, productive. A child rides a white horse and holds a banner.
The horse is solar energy that needs no control.
The child represents perfect control between the conscious and the unconscious.
He holds the banner in his left hand to to show that control has now has now passed from the conscious(right hand), into the subconscious(left hand). Divination Meaning : Holidays and success.
A happy reunion. Happy marriage.

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning
Temperate, balance, control, moderate. Represents the archangel Michael.
He is pouring the essence of life from the silver cup of the subconscious into the golden cup of the conscious. This shows the entry of the spirit into matter and the influence of matter upon spirit.
It also shows the flowing of the past through the present and into the future again.
Divination Meaning : A period of peace and harmony.
Working in harmony with others.

Tower Tarot Card Meaning
Destruction, loss, ruin, breakdown. The tower of ambition that is built on false promises.
Materialistic thoughts fall from the building.
Streaks of lightning come from the Sun and destroy that which is evil. Divination Meaning : Loss, bankruptcy and disaster.
Not a good card. What will follow depends on the follow on cards.

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Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning
Destiny, direction, future, change.
The Wheel of Fortune carries destinies up and down.
The Sphinx at the top of the wheel is Wisdom, suggesting that we are not always governed by chance or fate, and that we have the ability to change our lives. Divination Meaning : Success and good luck.
Fate is about to make a change in your life for the better.

World Tarot Card Meaning
Carefree, foolish, vague, indiscreet. A dancer clad in a scarf, with an oval wreath that surrounds her figure.
The wreath symbolizes the mystery of creation.
Divination Meaning : Overseas travel or change of residence.
Success yet to be won.

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