In 1988 the vatican had scientific tests carried out on the shroud of turin at three separate and independant institutions which specialized in carbon dating. These tests proved conclusively that the shroud could not not date any earlier than a.d.1260. The vatican published the results on 13 october, the same day of the year that De Molay had been crucified.

It must be noted that the vatican has always denied that the shroud is a holy relic.

Jacques de Molay was the grand master of the knights templar. When the roman catholic church started its persecussion of the knights de Molay was one of those arrested. The arrest of some fifteen thousand templars happened on friday 13th, October, 1307.

Grand inquesitor Guillaume Imbert took a very personal interset in the torture of de Molay. Imbert shokingly tortures de Morlay, and eventually de Molay is forced to confesses to crimes he did not commit. De Molays almost dead body was laid out on a cloth. The same cloth which is now reffered to as the shroud of turin.

De Molay was imprisoned for seven years. At the time of his death he retracted his confessions and as punishment was slowly roasted alive over charcoal.

The shroud that de Molay was wrapped in was taken from the Paris temple of the Knight Templar. Some fifty years later, in 1357, the shroud was placed on public display at Livey. The image of de Molay on the shroud are very clear.

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