Love Poems are the most popular of all poems. More people search for love poems then any other form of poems. More people write love poems and more people remember. How inspiring the feeling to be in love. And how your heart feels when you recieve love poems from your one true love. Love poems are not restricted to anyone with talent, but can be written by anyone with a heart and feelings. It has been said that love poems are eternal. Love Poems encompass a wide range of emotions for the reader........

Day by Day :

Day by day our lives go on,
As lives usually do.
Yet, sometimes our lives seem to stop
Leaving us confused, scared.
Lives are tricky that way.

Day by day, our lives go on,
As lives usually do.
Yet, sometimes if we're lucky enough,
That special person will walk right in
At just the right time
And brighten it up a bit.
Lives are unpredictable that way.

Day by day, our lives go on,
As lives usually do.
Yet, sometimes in the middle of that
Ordinary life,
Love will bring you a fairy tale....Love Poems by Zaria.

I never thought i'd be the first to say goodbye
i never thought i'd be the one to make you cry

i didnt relise we'd have to part someday
i didnt relise i wouldnt be able to stay

i couldnt have know that my future was here
i couldnt have know that i'd feel such fear

i will always see you in my dreams
i will always remeber : nothing is as it seams

you will always be secure in my heart
no matter the distance that keeps us apart....Love Poems by Donna.


There is someone
Who dreams of your smile.
And find that in your presents.
Love is worthwhile.
So when you lonely.
Remember that is true.
Someone, somewhere is thinking of you....Love Poems by Gladness N.

From the day I saw you, I fell in love, a beautiful face, a gentle smile, the sweet blue eyes, you make life worthwhile. Just a little something....Love Poem by Louise.

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Yvonne, I Love You More Each And Every Day! I Love You More Than This Poem Can Ever Say, I Love You More Than The Sun Will Shine, I Love You Most Because You Are Mine.

More Love Poems:
My sweet Maggie :

it seems as though it's yesterday that we met
the laughter we share,
the jokes we enjoy,
the pain we sometimes feel
all but brings us closer together

my life changed when I met you
loneliness became a thing of the past
I really thank God that we met
for where would I be without you

one and a half years together
and it still feels as though we just met
I will forever love you

my sweet Wellington John.

I am not a great poet so i wont try to be
I just want to tell you what you mean to me
It is so wonderful that we met
It's somthing i will never forget
My love for you
Is so very true
You taught me the meaning of love
You are my angel from above

If I told you I loved you everyday of my life I still couldn't express

just what I feel but just in case, I always will
I love you Angela....Love Poems Matt.


Looking back at the time we first met,
Those were the days I will never forget.
We were just kids in elementary school,
When all the boys acted like fools.

As I made my way into Jr. High,
I felt like I was going to die.
Someone told me that you liked me,
But I told them that it could never be.

I never thought of you in that way before,
Like you opened a whole new door.
You were always my friend,
And would stay like that until the end.

As I traveled into High School,
You along with the other boys were trying to act cool.
My thoughts then turned to you,
And put the reality into view.

You made me laugh in so many ways,
It's like you came from heaven to send me praise.
You helped me out when times were tough,
Or talked to me when things got to rough.

Soon my graduation was underway,
And I didn't know what else to say.
But I hoped our friendship would last,
Just like all the memories in the past.

I remember when I left school that day,
I couldn't believe I was going away.
I saw a few tears in your eyes,
As you softly whispered "good bye."

I'd promise that friends we would always stay,
No matter what tried to get in our way.
I will always be there for you,
With everything that you do.

I wanted to tell you so much more,
Instead I walked straight out the door.
I wanted to tell you what was on my mind,
But I left it all and tried to put it behind.

They say that good things come to those who wait,
And some believe it is controlled by fate.
But my feelings are so tender,
Think I've loved you for as long as I can remember.

I remembered you having feelings for me,
Now I began to see.
That I've made a big mistake,
And I should've told you before it was too late.

Did you have the same feelings as I did for you?
Would I complete your heart too?
I have so many questions deep within,
Except I just don't know where to begin.

If I only knew what was on your mind,
My answers wouldn't be so hard to find.
It's hard for me to say the things I want to say,
But I'm going to because I can't wait another day.

As I look into your deep brown eyes,
I remember the day when we said our "good bye's."
I didn't tell you what I was thinking,
So I wasn't able to stop sinking.

I realized that after all those years,
We shared so many of the same fears.
Of starting something completely new,
In which would be just me and you!

You walked up to me and softly kissed me on the lips,
And all the time my heart did flips.
But when the warm glow filled my heart,
I knew that we would never apart.

If the world would end tonight,
I'd know it was well worth the fight.
Being in your arms,and thinking about the times we
And knowing that you truly cared.

You opened my eyes and now I can see,
Really how much you mean to me.
Your are my angel sent from above,
And showed me the meaning of true love.

Our love will bind us as one forever,
So we will always be together.
We came together through time,
And nothing will separate you and I....Love Poems by By Terri Lynn.

Tutched by an angel

Only once in a life time you can be touched by an angel.
I am very fortunate to have been touched, and to be with mine.
The feelings I feel inside for you are not illusions, they are real and
The passion inside me is like a fire burning constantly and that will never
be out.
Nothing will ever take this raving love I have for you away, nothing will
ever put out the fire.
If I could compare the devoted love I have for you to some thing, I would
compare it to air, cause every time you think you run out, there is always
more and plenty of it, all you have to do is to stop for a second and reach
out and savor it.
The passion of love towards you is like the sun, a big ball of fire fuelled
by a cosmic wonder.
I have so much love and devotion for you that I could supply every one that
don't have....Love Poems by By Daniel Sigouin.

The usual, long afternoon so grey.
When u are here you paint the day.
Your love for me give my life a meaning.
To be with you makes life worth living....Love Poems by Lars Meskestad.

To love is to walk, as to live is to talk
my girl just left me for a man she didn't love,she just left without saying a
word but where has she gone that i'll never know, but when she'll return
she'll be unhappy, she would realize she left but not with me, i have fallen
in love with her best friend by now, shes faithful and true and thats who i
call my little baby boo....Love Poems by Kevin.

You said you loved me,
You said you cared,
You said you would never leave me,
Why did you dear?

I love you today,
I'll love you tomorror,
I'll love you forever,
My Knight in shining armor.

What we had was very dear,
What we shared nothing else could compare,
What we shared should have never ended.
Give our love one more chance, let your Island girl in,
My love, my friend....Love Poems by Melody Chin Quee.


All this time you said to me"Our love will never die".
But the thoughts that are hidden inside my mind allways make me cry.
Day in ,day out we live our life.
It allways stays the same.
And wenn I express my feelings to you, you think you are to blame.
It's not what I tell you, it's the way I tell it to you.
And wenn I've said what I wanted to say, you think that we are through.
But we're not.
I can't allow you to go, you mean to much for me.
And after all this time I know.
You are the one that completes me....Poem by Gijs.

Ever since she was born i have been her angel,
I saw her when she frist cry i saw her when she first walk and I feel
everything she goes though, I know every secret and all her pain,
I knew her boyfriend and I know how her heart
was broke. But the only thing I dont know is how not to fall in love
with her. Because my job is to be with her and try to keep her from harm.
But why do i keep wishing that she some day will see me....Love Poems by Jony the lost angal inlove.

Some Day

I can fly,
I can dream,
I am not just what I seem.
I am strong,
I am weak,
I am bold,
I am meek.
I can flap,
and I can soar,
I am so much more.
So why is it,
You look at me;
But still do not see?
You see what I am,
Not what I could be,
You show no kindness,
Unto me.
So I just sigh,
And look away.
And pray to God,
That maybe.....

To Someone Special

I sit here on this cold night
Thereís one bright star in the sky
I wish I could find happiness
But all I can do is cry.

Thereís memories of you in my head
Thereís loneliness in my heart
I wish my life wasnít so hard
And that we werenít so far apart

I miss that fire in your eyes
I miss the way you smile
You took away that empty feeling
and made every thing worthwhile

I love you so much
with all my heart that it hurts
and more than anything in this world
I wish you still loved me
the way I love you....Love Poems by KYLIE DONAGHY.

I want you to Love Me

I love you so much,
But I canít tell you

I see you everyday,
With your big brown beautiful eyes,
And your smile which is breathtaking

I dream about you day and night,
I wish that I could tell you how I fell,
But I am scared too,
Scarred that you wonít love me back

I love you so much,
I just long for you to love me back,
I want to be more than friends,
I want to be with you always,
Always in your heart....Love Poems by Kacey Griffin.

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