Friendship Poems are an expression of a bond developed between two friends over a period of time. Friendship is built on trust and loyalty. It may be said that friendship is a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, and affection. So when one puts pen to paper to write a friendship poem they are expressing numereous feelings as well as a way of saying thankyou to their friend. Both friendship and poems are considered one of the central human experiences........

You are my everything
You are my angel
For you this poem i write
You are there to lift me up when i fall
You are there to make all the tears fade away
You comfort me when i need it most
You dont care how many ups and downs we have had you always find a way

in your heart to forgive me
You have been through all my afflictions
You have been there through all my losses and defeats
Ill always remember all the good times and pray the bad ones dont repeat

You call me your angel and im so grateful i can call you mine
You are the definition of a true friend in my book
I love you so dearly caryn no one could ever replace you my real ANGEL....Friendship Poems by Alex Rangel.

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Best Friends

I would wait for you outside heavens gates,
Lend you my golden wings.
For you I'd beg gods forgiveness,
Stop bullets with my hands.

For you I'd die a thousand deaths,
wash away the pain.
rid your world of hate and war,
Plant flowers on your grave.

For you I would do anything,
Yhink of me everyday.
best friends in our lifetime,
The day after forever is where we'll meet again....Friendship Poems by Warwick Hayward.

Heavinz nothing but a state of mind
I get my wingz when you are near
And on judgement day if your not there
Then ill return my wings because it's only fair
But therez no need cauz ull be there
And ill be standing by your side
Because the darkness turns to light
When friends walk by our side....Friendship Poems by Wes Bach.

Trapped in a corner, sorrounded by brickwalls.Looking for a way out, but
the walls are too tall.
Then luck found a door thats what friends are for, you use them or
loose them, but can never let go. Of the ones who where there, the night
of the scare, and put down the gun couse of care....Friendship Poems by Lars Meskestad.

Our Journey :

Summer of 2000 was finally in effect,
And we were still determined as ever,
Just another reason I know our friendship will last forever,

We started shopping for binders and pens all over stores,
Getting ready to scream "SENIORS" as we walked in the doors,

Our past was behind us,
As we looked to the future for a new path to go down,
We were able to get through every rumor in our town,

Together we were able to get through it all,
Your hand was the one that saved me as I began to fall,

Not only have we set an example,
But we have shown others how important friends really are,
You will always be with me, no matter how far,

I will always remember the night at the IGA,
The only thing I regret was getting in the car and driving away,

Although our paths never crossed in school,
When the last bell rang we were always together,
Bruno's, Solar Escape, memories we have made that will last forever,

Whether it be at my house or at yours,
We could always count on eachother to distract us from chores,

The cruise was more fun than anything in the world,
We found out so much about eachother in just seven days,
And I began seeing you in many different ways,

The stars I saw on April 1st had never shown so bright,
As I sat in your car, I could only bare to look at the neon 6 light,

Something's happen because of fate,
Then there was the infamous Saturday night,
Knowing about how much you cared to stop me with all your might,

Thanking you is the least I could do,
But everyday that goes by I will still be repaying you,

One day our friendship began slipping away,
And we started having our tests,
But we got through it and will with the rest,

This journey so far has been the best thing to happened to me,
These paths we have traveled will forever be seen....Friendship Poems by JENN KESSLER.

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