Missing You :

i've been living my alone
trying to get you out of my life
but after all this time
i can't help myself but miss you

you're once a dream that came true
an illusion that turned to reality
but suddenly, things turned differently
the way they used to be
untill such time i have no choice but to let you go

you're the reason for my sleepless nights
coz you keep stayin' on my mind
i can't help myself from crying
coz i'm missing you so much........
Poem by Cristopher Capistrano

all the pain & sadness are bound inside my heart
all the memories are still preserve in my mind
i miss you so much
coz i can't hide the fact that i'm still inlove with you

my life will never be the same again
now that you're gone
i'll be trapped in this loneliness forever
unless a girl like you will bloom into my life again....

I thought this was a letter I would never have to write,
I hoped my tongue was something I could bite.
I've realized its just something I cannot do,
Here are my feelings, just a few.
First, I'm still so In Love with you, after all this time,
You told me the same, then left me, what a crime.
Time has passed, everyday you're on my mind,
Your love is with someone else now, what a bind.
I'm so jealous, he's the luckiest guy I know,
I can't do this friendship thing anymore, so off I go.
The pain of losing you is still fresh in my brain,
even after almost 2 years, everyday my heart feels the pain.
Will we ever be together again, i say as I sob and mope
as each day passes, I lose a little more hope.
I'll always LOVE you Amanda hold these words true
Don't hate me for this, this is what pain is making me do.
My heart is broken in so many a part,
Do I still have a place in your heart?....broken heart poems By Buddy B.

Why My Heart :

You where my all the one I adored, The one who I trusted the most in the world. I gave you the pureist of me You asked me to trust you. See my love was real i guess yours was fake because i would have never lied to you or pushed you away. You have no idea how much I have cried asking the Lord why my heart, why did you brake me in half this pain that consumes me and won't let me think . My heart had never felt such pain yet the one who asked me to trust caused this enourmous hurt and disappointment and yes shame. Don't worry about saying sorry or you wish me the best what goes around comes around and that is what i have to say about that. Adios Mi Amor My Bay this Love is the One you let slip away. Don't think that I will cry forever I love myself too much But yes know this you hurt me soooo Dam much. One day the only one you gave away will be the one your wishing for. Why my heart????....Karen S.P.

You knock on the door & seems so sincere. Slowly convinving me to open the
door. Eventually I allowed you into take a sit. You did not stay long,
disappearing as sudden as u've appear.
Anger emerge from this sudden emptiness. You got me adapted to your
companionship only to pick up & leave.
I opened the door, allowing myself to be vulnerable, believing that you'll
protect me & shelter me from reality, but instead, the one that I entrusted
my heart & soul was the one that hurt me most.

Wounded....broken heart poems by Joey.

I used to think everything would be okay, if we gave it time all the problems would just go away we tried to sit and talk it out I realized I love you with out a doubt you say you love me and I know you do its so hard to prove my love to you I try to deal with your personal stuff but dealing with you is pretty tough I cant do this anymore waiting for you to call has became a chore you say you'll call and you never do I sit at home waiting for you you say I;ll be there soon Im on my way I don't hear from you again till the next day everything you do comes before me your loosing me again I hope you see I miss you more than I could ever say you;ll realize what went wrong one day when all the drugs are gone and your sitting in your room all alone when the phone doesn't ring and Im nowhere to be seen please help me make this work swallow your pride and stop being a jerk!!

broken heart poems by Kerry.

My Ode To Crush

I love someone,
It's so true,
Is it the same for you?
I think of him all day long,
Even though I know it's wrong,
For he is with another,
How jealus I am of that other,
She's my best friend,
and I don't want our friendship to end
I don't want it to end over a boy,
Even though she can annoy,
I try to think he's not worth it,
but if I can't have him I'll have a fit,
Sometimes I want to cry,
Cause he can tell a good lie,
Making me want to blush and die,
But he can also lift me off my feet,
Just to knock me down with a simple sound,
A sound of a word,
Such a heartbreaking word,
Yes I wil date you,
Yes I will love you,
Yes I will be yours,
But at the same time it's a no,
No he won't date me,
no he won't love me,
No he won't be mine,
But the worst part is he has said those yes words to me,
but they have never be.

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One's trust is developed, throughout time.
When trust i smisplaced or lost
your whole life shatters.
You create a barrier, for your upcoming frienships
Youy create distance
Not by foosteps, but by meter.
Each centimeter apart, shows a step away
YOur emotions have been played around with
Treated and played for a fool.
YOur left speechless and alone.
Quiet as to what is going on around you.
You've embraced misery, shame, guilt.
Back stabbing from the front end
can serioulsy wound your soul....broken heart poems by Trista Luxton.

How Love Hurts

You told me that you loved me, you told me that you always will. Then one
night as I sit home waiting for you to call I heard that you didn't want me
and that you went out with your old girlfriend. As I heard this the tears
just wouldn't stop falling. Then you called me and I asked you about and you
started to yell at me. As you yelled I could feel my heart break into.

To me it was so perfect, to me it was going fine, i never thought i'd lose you i thought you'd always be mine.How come i never noticed, how come i couldn't see, that you were changing your mind, the way you felt about me.We could of worked it out, wecould of talked it through, but you left it so long, there was only one thing you could do. You tried to tell me nicely, you asked me if i'd cry, but my heart just tore apart, as i let out a sigh. We hugged for the last time, and i didn't wanna let go, but i finally pulled away as i told myself no! i held i n my tears i began to walk away, when people asked what happened, i had nothing else to say, except " wanna be alone, and i don't wanna talk," so i went around the corner, and went for a little walk. i decided to sit down, as i felt my eyes go red, i gazed at the floor, in my hands i held my head. The tears poured down my face, as i asked myself why,why did it happen, why did he lie. I didn't wanna believe it, yet i knew it was so true, that we were definatly over, that you and i wre through, I still can't believe, you expected me to guess, when i had no idea, i was totally clueless!....Poem by Renee Fletcher.

Tell him that I hate him
Tell him that I love someone new
Tell him that I don't need him anymore
Tell him that he is nothing for me
But please....
Don't tell him that I cried when I said all that.

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