Down through history many people have tried to explain the definition and meaning of poems. Aristotle tried to define the definition of poems. Although there is no true definition of Poems, it may be said that poems are an individual expression, an art form in which language is used for its qualities, that is meant to proke an emtional feel. Poems will often use underlying ways to reinforce or expand the meaning of the words. The use of Poems is to often invoke an experience in the reader. Often poems are open to multiple interpretations.

Poems as an art form, may predate literacy. Some of the earliest poems found in history are those of Gilgamesh, from the third millenia BC in Sumer. Poems appear on the earliest records of most literate cultures.

Over history different cultures have had their own forms of poems. Language provides the poet with different ways of writing. Moderm Poets will often use different styles and forms from different cultures and languages when writing poems.

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