Graduation Poem

Well its that Graduation Time,
A time that comes but once,
A time to remrember,
So laugh, so cry, so play,
but most of all remember,
So write this Graduation Poem,
And time will never forget....Graduation Poem by Mandy.

Hang On, hold on, its graduation time,
Let go, feel free, its a graduation poem,
Write long, think fast, a poem need no fast,
Let it all flow free, till You need to sleep,
For but once is your chance to put pen to paper in this moment of your graduation poem.

Your time has come, For putting down books and moving on, As Graduation goes, The memories will long linger on, So dont forget, All those days of long hard seat, And yet those happy smiles, Will carry on this Graduation smile....Poem by Cindy.

Paralumun New Age Village