Oh what can i say about my feelings in this Fathers Day Poem,
What can one express in such simple lines.
The joy, the love, the warmth one gets from a father we all love,
So on this fathers day, my heart says im happy,
So to give my love,
Ill pen this poem on my fathers day with a hug.

A waking joy,
A morning walk,
A day of days is today,
For this is Fathers Day,
this is my day,
And as a Father i say with love,
How happy it is to be on a Fathers Day.

Another Fathers Day Poem,
Another year of love,
Another year of hugs.
Each year as i grow older, i will know,
That he will always love as no other love,
For who am i to say, just to feel,
A Fathers love on this Fathers Day,
Means more then this poem, more then this feel, means more then this little girls heart....Fathers Day Poem by Jenny.

Paralumun New Age Village