Nightmares is the term currently used to refer to a dream which causes a strong unpleasant emotional response from the sleeper, typically fear or horror, or the sensations of pain, falling, drowning or death. Such dreams can be related to physical causes such as a high fever, or psychological ones such as psychological trauma or stress in the sleeper's life, or can have no apparent cause. If a person has experienced a psychologically traumatic situation in life, for example, a person who may have been captured and tortured the experience may come back to haunt them in their nightmares. Sleepers may waken in a state of distress and be unable to get back to sleep for some time.

Occasional nightmares are commonplace, but recurrent nightmares can interfere with sleep and may cause people to seek medical help. A recently proposed treatment consists of imagery rehearsal. This approach appears to reduce the effects of nightmares and other symptoms in acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lucid dreaming practitioners claim that it can help conquer nightmares of this type, rather than of the traditional type.

Nightmare Glossary
Daymare : A daydream which becomes increasingly frightening and nightmarish. A rare phenomenon.

D-Nightmare : Refers to the fact that that the nightmare arises from D-sleep.

Dreaming or desynchronized sleep.

Dream Anxiety Attack : Same as nightmare.

Hypnagogic Attack : A sudden involuntary muscular movement or jerk occurring during sleep.

Hypnagogic Nightmare : A type of nightmare experienced immediately upon falling asleep.

Incubus Attack : The incubus is a frightening creature imagined sitting on the sleeper.

Nightmare : A long frightening dream awakening the person out of D-sleep.

Night Terror : A sudden arousal from slow wave sleep with little or no dream recall.

Nrem Sleep : Non rapid eye movement

Rem Nightmare : The nightmare arises from rapid eye movement

Rem Anxiety Sleep : Same as nightmare.

Sleep Walking : Involves body movement, getting out of bed, walking around.

Traumatic Nightmare : A long frightening dream consisting of memory of a traumatic event.

Real Nightmares
My nightmare wasn't that scary but it was pretty weird. I am a practicing witch and have practiced the Wiccan Craft for a while now. Well, I had this nightmare on the night of the new moon (the time of greatest darkness).in real life, I had just gotten in a little argument with one of my parents and I was really upset. I was so upset that I was crying....and I was sort of thinking hateful thoughts. Anyway, that night I cried myself to sleep because I was so upset. Well, I know I fell asleep with the door half - way closed and my closet door wide open. I was sleeping and I remember in my dream I was standing in the middle of the street while I was wearing a long white robe. I was holding an orange candle in one of my hands and I was just standing there in the darkness. Suddenly, the candle flame started to flicker and it got really long and if someone was sucking the life out of the candle from where I was to underneath a car that was parked beside me. I ran to the car and looked underneath and there was a big black book, totally black, and it was shaking and rattling as if someone was trying to open it...or it was trying to open itself. That's when I woke up. And my door was the same, but my closet was totally closed. I asked everyone in the morning if anyone had closed my door and everyone said that no one had entered my room.

I had a nightmare of a woman trying to get her two baby twins to sleep. There is a flashing light and then I see her, her husband,an old man and the twins in a car, they get to an intersection and there is a terrible crash. Everyone dies instantly except for the women who is sitting in the car holding tightly to her dead children. I don't know the people and I have never seen any of them. There is another flash and the dream starts over again. It happened about five times before I woke up because I really couldn't take it any more.

Once I had a strange nightmare of someone coming in my house trapping me and my father in the room and threatening to kill us

I keep dreaming that there is a corpse (of an old tramp-type man) in my house, that I am trying to hide before my mother comes home. I have often dreamt that I find a dead body in a wardrobe and it is my job to cut it up and hide it, so we don't get into trouble with the police.

I had this really really weird dream a while ago...i was looking at my arm and there was a whole in it.. so i decided to look inside the hole and i saw white veins and blood flowing..and then this other dream that i was running(i think from something) and all of a sudden my intestines started to pop out my side and i was tripping on was keeping me from more dream..i only remember a part of it..but i remember being burned and my hand was burning and i think i actually felt the not sure..

I have had this dream where I am at my house that I moved out of about 5 years ago. I am sitting on a balcony, which in real life is not there, and my back is to the driveway below. My nanny, who I dislike because she calls me names and also calls me "gordita" [little fat one], comes out with an evil grin. She shoves me and I fall to the sidewalk. The last thing I see before I wake up is egg yolk, as if I was Humpty Dumpty and had just fallen off of a wall....Sam.

Once I had a nightmare where I am investigating a murder in a really big house and my mom and one of my sisters is there with me and I turn around and see a little girl in a tree with her neck stitched, but the thing is that she looks mischievous, not sad, and she tells me something and I turn around not believing her and i fall on pieces of glass, then someone really really familiar opens their mouth and swallows me and every time I have that dreams I feel like someone is breathing right in front of me.

My grandfather, who was as close as a father to me, and who I loved more than I can ever explain passed away on April 3, 2000. It was a shock, because he was in the hospital, and they had told us that he was going to be fine. I live 3 hours away from him now, but growing up (until I was 19) I lived a block away and spent every weekend with him. I always had a good stable home, both parents, still married (I'm 25 now) wonderful loving parents. This is my first experience with the death of someone I loved so much. I have had the hardest time dealing with it. The day after my grandfathers funeral my grandmother gave me her wedding rings she told me that, while he was alive they had talked about it, and he had told her that if "he went first and she didn't want to wear her rings anymore, if it was just too hard for her, he wanted her to give them to me." Now, I have a sister and 3 female cousins who were also VERY close to him, It's been both an honor to where these rings and a depressing reminder of what I have lost. Anyway, like I said this was my first experience with this kind of tragic loss, my first funeral and my first "viewing". I was hesitant to go to the viewing for fear that I would have nightmares of seeing a dead body, but he looked just as if he was sleeping, I held his hand, brushed his cheek and let me tears soak the lapel of his favorite blue suit. I was at peace with the sight of him, but not with the fact that when it was over we weren't going to put him in the car and take him home, leaving him there was the hardest part for me. Through all of this I watched my mother, his daughter, arrange everything his funeral, the casket, the burial, the flowers, the music etc. she did everything and I was in awe. Well, getting to the nightmare part of my story, growing up my father wasn't affectionate. I always knew he loved me, and I have and will always love him, I don't know how I would deal with the loss of him, I've torn myself up thinking that I probably won't be as "together" as my mother was, but he had his faults, he could be hurtful with his words, and I always felt a sense of fear to be emotional in front of him, which has kept us some what distant. With my grandfather things like that were never a problem, making him the father in my life who gave me love and affection, and my real father the disciplinarian (sp?), so dealing with all these emotions for the first time in my life, the loss, the guilt of not being with him when he went, the realization of my parents mortality has been a hard and tearful road, and since I arrived home from all the services, I've been having the same nightmare which seems to gain detail every time: I am in the same mortuary my grandfathers' viewing was held at, except I'm all alone, I walk down the aisle in the middle of the two sets of pews. Approaching the casket I get a sense of dread, and a feeling of weakness, like I won't be able to stand much longer, I approach the casket and begin to wail, my eyes shut tightly and my head pound from the fierce crying. The crying slows long enough for me to open my eyes, to see my hand on his hand, but it's not my grandfathers', I look to see the face and it is my father. I've woken up in a fit of tears from this nightmare (at least to me) to many times to count since I arrived home. I am looking to find out what, if any the meaning might be behind this. Should I be worried? Is it going to be my turn soon to "make arrangements"? Please help me if you can. Sincerely, Jennifer Hall

I had a nightmare were I was with my boyfriend and he murmured something that sounded funny in my ear so i just said oh, and then he stood up and he turned into a black hooded thing with red eyes holding a lantern and a trumpet. Then i woke up and it was standing in front of my bed then it disappeared.

When i was nineteen i had this dream that me and my best friend were at a funeral, but we didn't who's it was. we asked around for a while and everyone looked at us really funny. well finally we came across my mother and i asked her and she answered," it's you mijo( pronounced mee-ho spanish)" and in the casked next to me was my best friend. well me and my best friend got really freaked out, and that's where the dream ends. six months later my best friend, alex, committed suicide having shot himself in the head with a shotgun. ever since then i've had the same dream every night of my life, and starting about February of this year i see my friend, his face is totally messed up and he tells me that i was supposed to be next to him.

I have had several intense nightmares in my short life but the most horrifying occurrence i had started when i moved to Florida at the age of 12. from the age of 12 to 16 every other night i would have series of nightmares of freddy krueger.the nightmares stayed consistent throughout the whole 4 years.i was totally petrified through that time, one dream for example (it was just like the movies) i laid down and as soon as i closed my eyes the nightmare started. in my dream i woke up and where my closet door was there was a poster and it opened up to a door to go outside. i sat up in bed and looked out the window and saw a good friend of mine in a pool with steam coming out of it and he was alone. all of a sudden out of the corner of the window freddy krueger came up to the window looked at me and smiled and laughed and then looked and my friend and disappeared i ran out the poster door and my friend was gone then i heard a scream from my friend in the backyard and freddy laughed and i saw him coming from the corner of the house so i ran down the street to my other friends house and i ran in the front door and the whole neighborhood was in there loading guns and carrying knives. i asked what was going on and my friends dad said that they were tired of freddy killing all the kids in the neighborhood. that was the end of the dream. i have had so many of them its hard to remember the real intense dreams. i haven't ever talked about this too much with people i don't know but i would like to talk to someone with knowledge in nightmares so i can understand why those dreams were so terrifying and why were they occurring every other night or so for 4 years. when i was 18 i had one last dream of freddy and i got him out of killing people and we became friends. is it possible that it was some kind of evil presence around me that i came to peace with after all that time?

Before I explain the actual nightmare itself, I must explain something about the house I Iive in. The house was originally purchased by my grandparents so my aunts and uncle had lived there through most of their childhood. My mother told me that one of my aunts and my uncle had seen some sort of ghost when they were very young on more than one occasion. When they would see him, he was usually standing outside the window of the bedroom I stay in now or sometimes in the closet of the master bedroom. Though he never did anything to harm anyone, his presence was negative and he scared my aunt and uncle to hysteria. I had stayed in a room down the hall since I was a baby until I was about eight years old and moved to this other room because it wasn't as cramped. But for the first few weeks I slept there, I had horrible nightmares. One type in particular always had the same antagonist. The most vivid of this series of dreams started after a normal dream when I thought I woke up. Just as I opened my eyes, a shadow moved across the blinds of the window as if someone was walking outside. I thought it was the ghost and I decided to ignore it because I didn't know what else to do, but the next thing I knew, I heard the closet door of the master bedroom slam. I was about to get out of bed and run when it grabbed hold of me. I couldn't see it. My eyes shut involuntarily and I tried desperately to open them. I couldn't move, and I couldn't breathe. I felt as horrible as if I were dying. As soon as I got loose I woke up and had to gasp for air. Though the events of these dreams that involve that shadow are always different, they all start with me thinking I've just woken up. I don't know if they are caused by mothers ghost stories or the actual ghost itself, but I am glad that these dreams don't happen often.

This one time I had a nightmare in which I was sitting in a restaurant with a man I didn't know, and there was a little blond girl next to me. Then there was a flash of blue light and we were walking down this brick road, and I saw a man with long brown hair and a hat and trench coat walking toward me, and I turned around looking for the little blond girl because I was worried. Then, we were at this gas station (the dream skipped around a lot) and I saw him coming toward me, and I couldn't move, and he hit me as he was walking by. It skipped to the brick road again, and I saw this other man, and asked him where "Clarisse" was, I don't know why I knew it, but the little girl's name was Clarisse. The man seemed to be a bit slow, and he told me "I gave her a disease in that alley". I looked over at the alley and I had flashes of a needle and her screaming as he stuck it in her arm. Then I had a flash of the man with long hair holding her and he was surrounded by other little blond girls, and they were all dead. The last flash I had was of me, Clarisse, and the guy in the restaurant in a living room, and we were watching her play with a doll. Then I woke up.

When I was young I had a weird nightmare. It was a shadow of a demon and dog with red eyes. It was charging at me with a knife. I woke up right before being stabbed. I was so scared to go to sleep. The only thing was this nightmare came real. I couldn't sleep one night and I heard something call my name out. I looked out my bedroom window and there it was and its dog. Just starring at me. I know I wasn't dreaming, because I was up all that night. For the past week it was starring at my window every night along with its dog. I went out that night after my parents went to bed to face it. When I snuck outside, It was gone. I turned around to go back home, I heard a growl. I looked back and it was the demons dog coming right at me with anger. I ran back inside my house and right under my blankets. The next morning there was claw marks on the door. I didn't know why or how it became real. 12 years has passed, and I understand why now. I'm 19 years old now and the same nightmare has come back to me. I'm today fighting the nightmares.

I dreamt I was in a restaurant, sitting at a table with three other people. Across the table a guy and a girl are sitting. The guy looks quite ordinary, but the girl's hair is blond, and her eyes so light blue that they almost seem white. When I look closer at them, I realize that they are all white, without any pupils. I feel uneasy, she doesn't look human. I know I must try to leave, but I know I also must act friendly, somehow I feel they might harm me if I don't. I look at the girl sitting beside me, as I say something quite polite - she has to move to enable me to leave the table. Her hair is all black, and hanging down in her face. As I speak to her, she turns her face slowly towards me. Her eyes are all black. Two Hell-holes are sucking me in. And I can't move.

I dream that my sister invites everyone I ever knew over for a party, she is playing very loud very bad music, but everybody except me seems to love it. Everywhere I turn, i see someone that bullied me at some point in my life, and as i try to escape i keep banging into them, until they just all group around me in a circle. then they start yelling and screaming at me, telling me that I'm a failure over and over again. When I try to leave the circle they push me back. I try to scream back that I'm not but I can't open my mouth to say anything. Then all of a sudden i wake up in what appears to be my own bed, but theres something slightly wrong, and as i get up to go downstairs, i realize that the people form the party are still there, as before they are yelling that I am a failure, but as i try to run away from them, suddenly they all have knives, and are trying to us ethm on me. I try to scream, but i still can't open my mouth, so i run out of the house to where i think I'll be safe, and as i get outside i see my two best friends, but as i reach them they turn to me and say, "You're a failure, get away from us" then they pull out a two knives, and start stabbing me with them, i try to scream but t i can't so again i try to run, but i am now totally paralyzed. The last thing i remember from this is dream is to suddenly look around to see everyone (including my parents and friends) laughing at this scene,and telling me I'm a failure.

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