The word Mythology comes from the Greek, "mythos". The definition of mythology basically concerns a series of beliefs or relgeons of ancient culters that at the time were believed to be factural but have since been proven to be fictional. Mythology has often been based around stories and beliefs in divine or heroic beings. These beings are in someway linked to the everyday life of the people, their communit, and both spiritualy and through their religious life. Over time these veliefs have eventualy broken down or been replaced and as such in time have evolved into mythology. In the study of folklore all sacred traditions have myths. Mythology beliefs were often initially passed down verbally, only to be written down bu later generations. Even today, mythology figures are part of many of our mainstream religeons.

There are also different types of mythology such as:
Ritual Mythology: religious practices associated with temples or places of worship.
Origin Mythology: refers to the beginnings.
Cult Mythology: regarding the festivals for the deity.
Prestige Mythology: in regars to a hero, or a city and its people.
Eschatological Mythology: usually naratives about a catastrophic ends to the world.

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