Korean Mythology is a mythology based on legends and folk tales from across the Korean peninsula. There are thousands of gods, spirits, and ghosts. In Korean mythology, "Tangun", son of Hwanung and the first Korean Emperor of the first Korean dynasty, a half-human and half-divine, is regarded as the ancestor of all Koreans.

Important Mythological Figures:
Chonha Dae Changgun : Village Guardian.
Chiha Yo Changgun : General of the Underworld.
Dal(soon)-nim : The Moon.
Hae(sik)-nim : The Sun.
Hanle-nim : Heavenly Emperor.
Hwanung : Son of Heaven.
JowsSyngSaJa : Angels of Death.
Kyonu & Jingyo : They cry the summer rainy season.
Mago : Giant who became the island of Cheju.
OwgHoangSangJoe : Jade Yellow Emperor.
Sanshilyong/Sanshin : God of Mountains.
Yongwang : Dragon King of the seas.

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