Ghosts are the presence of the soul, spirit, or the personality of a person who has died. Rather then pass over, for some reason ghosts has remained on earth. It is thought the person may not be aware they have died, or are a lost soul, or the ghosts may refuse to pass over as they face some sort of hell on the other side due to crimes committed on this side.

Ghosts will often take on the look of a misty or semitransparent or fog-like human form. Sometimes Ghosts will make its presence known through moving objects or noises. Those involved in ghost research believe the ghosts may actually be a form of psychic or mental energy that was left behind.

The cities of York and Derby in England are famous for ghost sightings.

In cultures that hold a belief in reincarnation, they believe Ghosts are souls that refuse to be "recycled", because they have unfinished business to complete first. The Chinese have some very interesting beliefs on ghosts that include a ghost can become immortal and become a demigod Or ghosts can go to hell and suffer for all of eternity. They believe some ghosts kill people to rob them of their rights to reincarnation. Ghosts can die and become a "ghost of ghosts".

While most people believe in ghosts there are others that are skeptical. Skeptics claim that often people claim to see ghosts when their senses are impaired, such as when waking from sleep. They also question the motives of others who claim to see ghosts. Sometimes people claim to see Ghosts for money.

Protection Against Ghosts:
It is sad Chalcedony and Obsidian worn on the person will protect against ghosts. Certain metals such as silver are also protective. Also salt carried in your pocket will keep ghosts at bay. Placing an iron rod on a grave will prevent ghosts from rising out of the ground. Placing an iron horseshoe at the entrance to a building will stop ghosts from entering. Iron nails taken from a tomb and nailed into a doorway will prevent nightmares. When a person dies in a home all doors, windows and cupboards should be unlocked so as to allow the ghosts free passage out of the house and avoid any future hauntings. Corpses should always be carried out feet first so the ghost of the corpse will not return. During the funeral all furniture in the house must be rearranged so that if the ghost returns it will not recognize the place and leave. Also one must not speak bad of the dead or the ghosts may come and haunt them.

Ghosts In Popular culture
Ghosts are prominent in the popular cultures of various nations. The ghost story is ubiquitous across all cultures from oral folktales to works of literature. Perhaps the most recognizable ghost in English literature is the shade of Hamlet's father in the play The Tragical History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. In Hamlet, it is the ghost that encourages the title character to investigate his "murder most foul" and seek revenge upon King Claudius, the suspected murderer of Hamlet's father. Possibly the next most famous apparitions are the ghosts of A Christmas Carol, where the ghost of Jacob Marley, The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present and The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come help Ebenezer Scrooge see the error of his ways. Oscar Wilde's The Canterville Ghost has been adapted for film and television on several occasions. Henry James's The Turn of the Screw has also appeared in a number of adaptations, notably the film The Innocents and Benjamin Britten's opera The Turn of the Screw. Films including or centering on ghosts are common, and span a variety of genres. Ghosts can also be found in various television programs. The ghost hunting theme has also become prevalent in reality television series particularly Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, but also Most Haunted, and A Haunting. It is also represented in children's television by such programmes as The Ghost Hunter.

Philippine Ghosts and Hauntings
In Rizal Park, Manila, people have reported seeing the ghost of hero Jose Rizal. In Corregidor within the Malinta Tunnel, people have heard the sounds of ghosts. A chapel on the 2nd floor of the De La Salle University in Manila is reported to be haunted by several ghosts thought to have been executed during World War II. It is reported that there are aggressive ghosts in the Manila Film Center at the Cultural Center. During construction, several workmen had been entombed alive when cement was poured onto them. At the Central Philippine University (CPU) it is reported haunted by Ghosts of American Missionaries executed during World War Two.

Ghosts and Hunting's In Australia
The Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane is reported to be haunted by dozens of ghosts, some of which are hostile. The famous Anzac Square in Brisbane is home to ghosts from World War One and World War Two who have been seeing laying flowers at the shrine. Newstead house in Brisbane has been the sightings of servant ghosts. Cloudland in Brisbane was torn down, but people still report hearing ghosts playing music and dancing. In Wentworth jail in New South Wales people report hearing Ghosts screaming. Ghosts have been reported in the Capitol theatre in Sydney. Three ghosts have been sighted in the Picton tunnels in New South Wales. Numerous sights of ghosts and dripping blood in The Old Hobart Jail.

New Zealand Ghosts and Hauntings
The Granity Hotel in Granity use to rent rooms to coal workers during the 1800`s. It is reported that room 16 is haunted by a ghost. The Masonic Hotel in Napier has ghostly cold spots. The Karori Cemetery in Wellington is the sighting of several ghosts.

Ghosts and Hauntings In Canada
The ghost of a woman has been seen at the Old Hospital in Blairmore. The Heritage Park in Calgary has a female ghost with a baby witnesses report. The City Grave Yard in Drumheller has been the sighting of numerous Ghosts. The stairways of the Walterdale Theatre in Edmonton have been reported to have had numerous hauntings. People report hearing Ghostly whispers at the site of the Old Movie Theatre, Grand Prairie, Alberta. Numerous ghosts have been seen hanging around the lake at central park, Burnaby. In the Park Street United Church in Chatham, a ghost dressed in a black suit has often been seen haunting the place. Magnetic Hill in Burlington is haunted by numerous ghosts.

Ghost of Maria
Ghost Of Maria

Ghosts and Hauntings in Finland
In Aaland, Kastelholm, it is said the ghosts of the wives of the Swedish king Gustav Vasa haunt the castle. In the Swedish Theater of Turku, there have been sightings of a ghost woman dressed in white.

Ghosts and Hauntings in France
In the Chateau of Versailles, people have reported seeing ghosts with no heads. In Vimey Ridge, people tell of seeing ghosts from the war.

Ghosts and Hauntings in Germany
In the Babenhausen Kaserne Museum, it has been reported of lights being turned on and off by ghosts and phone calls of a woman talking backwards. In Bernkastel-Kues Cemetery, people have seen a ghost lady with a long white dress. At Bitburg Air Force Base ghosts lock doors and move furniture. In Dresden several streets have problems with Ghosts screaming. In the Kranzberg Castle numerous Ghosts dressed in military uniforms have been seen. At the Zweibrucken Air Base people have seen a ghost jet plane.

Ghosts and Hauntings in Britain
In the Berkshire Prospect Park people have reported seeing a headless horseman. In Powderham Castle a ghostly mist appears around 12 midnight and others have reported sightings of ghosts. In Doncaster at the Conisborough Castle, there are believed to be two ghosts. In Devon at the Berry Pomeroy Castle there are several Ghosts, some of which are reported to be aggressive. Raby Castle in Durham is said to be home to three ghosts. Beaulie Abbey in Hampshire has three Ghosts, a priest and 2 monks. In Portchester Castle a White Lady ghost prowls the battlements before throwing herself from The Keep. In Leicester at the Mary De Castro Church, people have reported hearing monk-like chanting. In London at the Aldwych underground station, staff report of a ghost who hangs around the tracks at night. At Heathrow Airport there are a number of ghosts. In London at the Theater Royal, there is a ghost dressed in Gray who is seen during rehearsals.

Justice Ghosts
People who do wrong are often haunted by justice ghosts. These hauntings will follow the guilty person in life till they admit to their crimes. Often you will find many justice ghosts in a jail. On the reverse a justice ghost will also work to help prove a persons innocence.

Silky Ghost
The Silky is a female ghost who wears rustling clothes and does the housework after the family have gone to sleep. The Silky Ghost is also reported to haunt lazy servents who dont do their work. The Silky mostly haunts the houses of the aristocrats. She is a friendly ghost, but can be strict towrds lazy people.

Ghost Seance
This is a sitting of a group of people interested in communicating with the other side. The communication is done via a medium. The history of seance communication may be traced back to the third century. It was during the 1800's that the sceance became popular mainly due to the stardom of the Fox sisters. The early sceance tended to be dramatical with plenty of theatrics. These sceance usually took place in darkened parlors with a round table and some theatrics such as tables moving. These days a sceance is far more casual and only involves mental mediumship. Mediums consider music and sometimes prayers as helpfull to the success of the sceance. Sitters are not allowed to to touch the medium during a sceance. Younger sitters tend to attract more spirit attention than do older sitters. A round table with a limit of eight chairs seems the best. Hands are usually placed flat on the table or sometimes holding the hands of other sitters.

Poltergeist Ghost
Made famous by the movie, a Poltergeist is a sometimes mischievous spirit. A Poltergeist Ghost moves objects, makes noises and creates general disturbances. The history of the poltergeist may be traced as far back as Roman times. Poltergeist's have been studied extensively by parapsychologists and various theories have been put forward. Reports of poltergeist disturbances cite loud noises, lights, smells, physical and sexual assault, and telephones ringing. Poltergeist activity stops as sudden as it starts. It may last anywhere from a few hours to a few years. Activity usually takes place when a particular individual is present. Usually the poltergeist will focus the attention at a young girl under the age of 16. These days some people suggest that poltergeist activity is caused by an unconscious form of psychokinesis.

Ghost Ships Ghost Ships are usually linked to shipwrecks and disasters. The ghost ship usually appears at the scene of the disaster on a stormy night. Most ghost ship wreck stories come from the British Isles and surrounding areas. The most haunted area is the Goodwin Sands. Legend has it that more than 50,000 people lost their lives on the sandbank. The Lady Lovibond is the most famous of the ghost ships. It was shipwrecked on February 13, 1748. Every 50 years the Lady Lovibond is seen as a ghost ship in the area. Pirates who sailed the seas in the 17th and 18th centuaries are often associated with ghost ships.

Ship O The Dead
There is a legend that when an old sailor dies on land, a ghost ship called the Ship O The Dead, sails in through the air to collect the ghost of the sailor. In some cases it has been reported the ship takes the form of a bird. In other cases it is reported the Ship is of the old wooden variety. The ship travels in silence, but a fog or mist usually appears before its arrival. No sailors are reported to be on the ship which appears to be deserted.

Grateful Dead
"The Grateful Dead" refers to a particular type of folk story in which a man risks his safety to help a corpse get proper burial and then is rewarded in some way by the deceased. Often the grateful dead helps the live man find a bride.

Rescue Circles
Rescue circles are convened to advise discarnate beings that they are dead. The circles also offer prayers. The purpose of the circles is to help the dead release their ties from the living. Rescue circles help those who usually experience a sudden death and are having trouble letting go.

Brig Of The Dread
In ancient times it was believed that the soul on leaving the body had to pass over the Brig of the Dead. This was a bridge that was as narrow as a piece of cotton that crossed a great gulf. If the soul falls off the Brig then the soul is lost. But if the soul crosses successfuly, then they will enter heaven. Brig of Dread or Bridge of Dread is a bridge to Purgatory that a dead soul had to cross. Evil souls fall from the bridge into hell. This is a common afterlife theme found in some form or other in many cultures. The "Brig o' Dread" is an important element in The Lyke-Wake Dirge, an old Northern English waking song. There is much in that song that seems Norse Pagan and such a bridge is Bifröst, which may be the symbolism here rather than the Christian later folk-etymological explanation. It is also mentioned in The Ballad of Judas Iscariot by Robert Buchanan, and Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings by English composer Benjamin Britten.

Conducted through a higher state of consciousness. People who channel claim to be communicating with angels, spirits, deities and demons. The person claiming to do the channeling allows the entity to take over control of the body and use the vocal chords. Some channelers recieve information via visions. Channeling focuses on passing on information such as teachings. Channeling become well known around the 1970's with the publication of books by Jane Roberts. Sad to say most people who think they are channeling are probably only drawing on their own subconscious. However there are a few gifted people in this field who are genuine channelers.

Screaming Skulls
There have been reported cases over the years of human skulls that have screamed when attempts have been made to move them from their last resting place. It is reporting to be a loud terrifying scream. In each of these cases it was found that the owner had left specific instructions on what was to happen to their body after death. However, it seems that these instuctions were ignored. It seems the ghost is using the skull as a medium to carry out hauntings. The only way to put the matter at peace is in some way to try and follow the instructions that were left behind as best as you can.

Unkown Soldier
Near the tomb of the unknown soldier in London has been reported sightings of a ghost soldier. This ghost is a khaki clad soldier of World War 1. He is mud stained and bare headed. He always walks with one hand outstretched. This ghost has taken on the title of the Unknown Soldier Ghost. The Ghost causes no harm and seems to be searching for something. Attempts to identify who the ghost may be has failed.

Downing Street Ghost
The residence of the British Prime Minister of Britain , number 10 Downing street, has long been haunted. The ghost is dressed in Regancy style clothes and is a man of authority. He is referred to as the Downing Street Ghost. Some people feel that the ghost is a former Prime Minister. But no-one is able to say for sure which Prime Minister. The ghost only appears during a national crisis. Or often around time of war.

Takarabune Phantom Treasure Ship
The Takarabune was a phantom treasure ship of the Japanese. It sails every year on New Years Day into port bringing good fortune to those who see it. No sailors have been seen abroad the ship which appears to be empty. According to tradition, if a picture of the Takarubane is purchased on New Year`s Day and placed under the pillow it will bring good fortune. It is considered good luck as well as traditional.

Tower Of London Ghosts
The Tower Of London is probably the most haunted place on Earth. During its 900 years of excistence many people have been executed there. This has lead to numurous Tower of London Ghosts. The most well known was Anne Boleyn, one of Henry V111`s wives. She was beheaded on Tower Green and is now reported to wonder the area with her head under her arm. Ghosts are heard praying, crying and pleading their innocence. Other Ghosts are said to be cursing and angry.

Cape Town Castle Ghost
The Cape Town Castle is the oldest building in South Africa. It is also haunted by a ghost. This haunting has been called the Cape Town Ghost. For three hundred years this ghost, a tall luminous figure has walked the battlements, disappearing over the edge at the approach of a human. The Ghost causes no harm and in fact even seems frightened by humans. Although there have been numerous sightings, no-one has been able to give a clear description of the ghost.

Hoosac Tunnel Ghosts
The Hoosac tunnel which was five miles long tunnel was finished on Thanksgiving Day of 1873. The tunnel claimed the life of 195 workers by the time of its completion. It is said that on March 20, 1865 two explosive experts had lay down a gigantic nitro charge when one of their co-workers, Ringo Kelley, ignited it prematurely. Ringo walked away unscathed while the two experts lost their lives. The ghosts of the two men haunted him. Then one year later to the day the body of Ringo was found strangled to death on the exact spot where the other two men had died.

Ghostly vehicles
Appear as suddenly as they disappear. The vehicle is usually travelling at high speed and appears to be driverless. The drivers of other vehicles are usually forced to swerve to miss a collision. These drivers then tend to hit another object resulting in injury or even death. Some of these ghost vehicles tend to appear at places where murders of accidents have happened. The vehicle is always the same description at the same section of road.

White Lady Ghosts
Are found in the British isles in castles and old houses. The White Lady Ghosts are often the ghosts of noble women who were killed or died a tragic death. They are also common in France were they are beautiful and often found near bridges. Sometimes they are friendly and sometimes not. The White Ladies often wander around passageways carrying cups of poison. They are nearly always dressed in a beautiful white gown.

Water Wraith
The Water Wraith come from Scotland. They are skinny, old women with scowling features who dress in green. The Water Wraiths try and lure unsuspecting travellers to their death by drowning them. They are evil and should be avoided at all times. There have been hundreds of sightings of the water wraith over the years.

Ghost Rappings
Are one of the earliest means of spirit communication. Rappings include thumping, knocking, tapping or bumping. In ancient times Ghost rappings was thought of as an omen of approaching death. It was during the time of the Fox sisters that rapping gained widespread public knowledge. It was during this time that a number of fraudulent people set up business claiming to communicate with the other side. The Fox sisters later admitted to tapping the floor with their toes. This is not to say rapping is not authentic, but it just shows that these things must be authentically investigated.

Racetrack Ghost
The Happy Valley Racetrack in Hong Kong is haunted by the ghost of a jockey. In 1960 a jockey named Marcel Samarig was thrown from his horse and killed. The ghost of the jockey started appearing in the jockey`s lockerroom. There have also been reports of a ghost horse ridden by the jockey seen on the track. Buddhist monks hold services in an attempt to appease the ghosts.

Weat Point Ghost
The United States Military Academy at West Point has been reported to be haunted by a ghost. The ghost is a soldier dressed in full Jackson era uniform who died around 150 years ago. He has been given the nik, the West Point Ghost. He is a friendly ghost.

Papillon Hall
Papillon Hall stands to the west of Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England between the villages of Lubenham & Theddingworth. David Papillon of French Huguenot decent built the hall in 1622-24 on the site once occupied by a “Lazar-House” in connection with Leicester Abbey. In the grounds was a holy well known as St Mary’s Well or by others as The “Everlasting well”. In 1629 David Papillon was appointed by King Charles 1st to superintend the redemption and sale of the crown jewels that had previously been pawned in Holland in order to satisfy a debt incurred to support the Kings sister, the Queen of Bohemia. In 1691 David Papillon 2nd Was born. This was the great grandson of the Halls founder and were this story seems to begin. Little is documented about This David and it seems he lived a very secluded life until his marriage to Mary Keyser. However local stories at the time ran riot about the man known to them as “Pamp” deeply feared by local people, he was said to have strange hypnotic powers with an ability to “Fix” people, in effect causing a form of temporary paralysis with a single glance. There were also rumours of drunkenness and debauchery and the presence of a Spanish mistress kept locked away at the hall. The women often seen by locals walking around the grounds vanished without trace in or around 1715. David Papillon eventually left the hall sometime after 1717 following his marriage to his wife Mary and moved to Acrise in Kent. However he left strict instructions that certain objects should under no circumstances leave the hall. Following David Papillons rather hurried departure from the hall in 1717 he left behind certain items which he forbid to leave the hall or be sent on to him in Kent. One was the portrait of him that had been painted in 1715 by an un-known artist and other items including a pair of slippers. Although not confirmed, it is thought they were the property of David’s mistress who had previously disappeared in 1715. It was also reported by one of Papillons staff that he had heard his master speak of a curse on “these Dammed slippers”. Over the years the hall was sold on to various people but always with the condition these objects remain within the house. In 1866 Lord Hopetoun acquired the hall. Which until now had remained seemingly untroubled. However soon afterwards family and staff heard strange knocking, bangs and voices. On one occasion it became so violent that the halls entire staff gathered in the lobby with family members as the sound of wailing and furniture being thrown and slammed echoed from the drawing room. When enough courage was finally raised the door was opened but not a single item had been moved. After enquiries were made to the Rector of Lubenham it followed that the halls previous owner, the Bosworth family had bequeathed the houses contents to their daughter. Including the slippers & portrait. After tracing the beneficiary to nearby Leicester the items were returned to the hall and the disturbance stopped. Again the house changed hands, this time to Thomas Halford. Undaunted by stories of curses and haunting Halford loaned the slippers to the Paris Exhibition. Again violent disturbances flared almost immediately. Unable to redeem the shoes until the end of the exhibition, a whole year. The entire Hall was vacated for the duration of their absence. Unable to cope with the constant occurrences, Halford sold the house in 1884 to CW Walker. Aware of the stories concerning the Papillon articles Walker commissioned a fireproof safe embedded within the wall for the safe keeping of the slippers. Again all fell quite. Walker lived peacefully at the hall for 19 years until the house was sold yet again to Captain Frank Bellville in 1903. Almost immediately after moving to Papillon hall, Belville commissioned alterations by the world-renowned architect Sir Edward Lutyens. Work began that year with the slippers being sent to the family solicitor for safekeeping. With work underway a series of accidents began to occur with one builder being killed by falling masonry. The company declined the rest of the work and a new work force was found. Shortly afterwards Belville was travelling to Market Harborough by horse and trap. The horse for no apparent reason bolted throwing the couple from the trap. His wife was unhurt but Belville sustained a fractured skull. A few days latter the halls stables were struck by lighting killing one of Belvilles polo ponies. Once more the slippers returned. Belville apparently distraught locked away the slippers and threw the key into the halls ornamental pond. Belville also wrote of being disturbed by Papillons portrait, also commented on by previous owners as creating great unease and emitting an Evil and hypnotic stare. (We recently uncovered a stone marker within the undergrowth at the hall dedicated to “Jumbo” the pony. A small poem is also inscribed.)

Ohio Ghost Haunting
Even though it no longer operates as a prison, the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield still manages to attract attention. Even before the Reformatory existed, the area was home to Camp Bartley, a Civil War camp that trained an estimated 4,000 soldiers for battle. In September of 1896, when it opened, building was originally known as the Intermediate Penitentiary, as it was to serve as home to "middle of the road" criminals; those too old for the Boys Industrial School in Lancaster and not "hardened" enough for the Ohio Penitentiary. Its purpose was to attempt and reform these young male prisoners before they ended up in the Ohio Pen. As with any correctional facility, the Ohio State Reformatory has seen its share of violence. Over the years, several officers have been murdered in the line of duty, including Frank Hanger, who was beaten to death by prisoners during a 1932 escape attempt. However, the harshest acts of violence were often associated with the area known as "the hole": solitary confinement. Stories abound of prisoners attempting (and in some cases, succeeding) in hanging themselves inside the cells. In 1957, in response to a prison riot, an estimated 120 prisoners were given 30-day sentences in "the hole", which was only equipped with 20 cells. This incident gave rise to the story of two inmates being forced to share the same isolation cell and only one emerging alive. It is no small wonder that the area known as "the hole" is alleged to be haunted. Over the years, footsteps and muffled voices have been heard, even though there is no one else in the area. The most popular ghost story surrounding the Ohio State Reformatory centers on Warden Glattke and his wife, Helen. In November of 1950, Mrs. Glattke was found dead in the Warden's living quarters on the property. According to the report, Mrs. Glattke was reaching for a box on a shelf in the closet. The Warden had hidden one of his guns in the closet, and when the box was moved, the gun fell to the floor and fired, striking and killing Mrs. Glattke. Mrs. Glattke is rumored to still haunt the penitentiary to this day.

Motorcycle Ghost
The Motorcycle Ghost appears late at night out on a country highway when there is a heavy fog. When driving along the driver will suddenly be overtaken by a motorcycle that appears out of nowhere. The motorcycle will have no rider. The Motorcycle Ghost will drive on ahead and disappear into the fog. The motorcycle is eported to be an old model British made motorcycle. The Ghost rider is dressed in typical black motorcycle riding gear and no-one has seen the face.

Ocean Born Mary
A green eyed, red haired ghost that haunts the town Henniker, New Hampshire. Mary got her nick name because she was born at sea during a time when the ship she and her parents were sailing on was seized by pirates. The head of the pirates was so taken by the sounds of the childs cries, that he promised to spare everybody if the baby was named after his wife. There have continued to be numerous sightings of this Ghost.

Night Man Ghost
The Night Man is a ghost from the Isle of Man. There are numerous reportings of this Ghost. This ghost is a friendly ghost who helps people. He has been reported to give directions in the rain. The Night Man gives warnings of approaching storms or may sometimes appear in a misty form. He is reported to sometimes appear in a black type of coat.

Lady Lovibond
Every fifty years the shipwreck of the Lady Lovibond is re-enacted by a ghostly ship and crew. The Lady Lovibond went down with all aboard on Friday, 13th, 1748. The tradegdy happened when, Simon Peel, was below decks celebrating his marriage. Above deck at the helm was Rivers, a man who wanted to marry Peel`s bride. Out of revenge, River`s drove the Lady Lovibond into the sands and everyone died.

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Lorelei Ghost
Lorelei is Germanys most famous ghost. She is an enchanting, beautiful woman ghost who sits on a tall rock on the right bank of the Rhine in HesseNassau. She has beautiful long golden flowing hair. She sings a melody that causes sailors to lose direction and steer their boats into the rocks. She sings in the most sweet entrancing voice. It is reported that no sailor who hears her voice can resist her.

Was the name given by ancient Romans to their ghosts. These ghosts would return to haunt their relatives and descendants. They were particularly active during the month of May. Especially around May 28. Festivals were held to chase away the Lemure. To drive off a Lemure drums were used as the Lemure were sensitive to noise. Special drummers were often used going from place to place.

Lazy Laurence Ghost
Gaurds the orchids of somerset. He is dressed in peasants clothing with a straw hat. He wears raggidy old sandals. Laurence can change his shape at a moments notice. Much like a shapeshifter. He is a friendly Ghost the the fields workers and sometimes helps out with the crops. He is considered good luck by the workers. He casts a spell on those who trespass and do damage to the farm.

Kikimora Ghosts
Are from ancient Slav times which were said to attach themselves to houses. If the ghost was treated with respect it would protect the family from misfortune. These ghosts sometimes even helped with the housework.

Jack In Irons Ghost
A famous English ghost that haunts the backroads of Yorkshire. He is a tall, evil looking figure that is covered in chains. He usually wears black robes. He usually haunts people by jumping out late at night and terrifying people who are alone at night. The chains that cover Jack are probably indicative of the fact that Jack died in a prison during the times when prisoners were also chained. Although he scares people, he does no further harm and just simply disappears.

Ghosts that play with children that only the child can see. Some people believe these ghosts are only a figment of the childs imagination. However, others believe that children have a kind of inherent power to see ghosts which eventually the onset of maturity stops. These ghosts are various and sometimes are relatives that have passed over. They are friendly and helpful to the children.

Ghostly Hounds
Are ghostly packs of dogs. They are usually hound dogs such as Bassets or Beagles. These packs are found in legends all over Europe. Ghostly hounds are said to be omens of death. In fact it is enough just to hear their ghostly howling. The most dangerous of these packs is the Devils Dandy Dogs which roam around Cornwell. These ghost dogs take on no form of any particular breed.

Ghost Hollow
Whooping Hollow is a haunted place in New England, America. The locality earned its nickname as a result of an Indian battle there several centuries ago. A medicine man from the defeated tribe cursed the area and vowed his ghost would return to haunt the area, uttering a whooping sound. Since then the sound of his whooping cry has been heard across Whooping Hollow. No-one has claimed to have actually seen the Ghost, just only heard him.

Hag of the Dribble
Was an evil looking welsh ghost. She takes the form of a dreaded old hag with very long matted hair, hooked nose, crooked back, and claw like fingers. She has a high pitched voice which is an omen of death. She tends to haunt old welsh families. The origins of the Hag of the Dribble are unknown, but some people believe she may be the spirit of an ancient Welsh Goddess.

Grave Sleepers
The Celtic people had a ritual for contacting the ghosts of their ancestors. Special men were chosen to sleep on the graves of their ancestors. These people were called grave sleepers. The ghosts would enter the body of the men driving them into wild fits. Messages from the other side would then be screamed out. Although no longer practised it was once very popular.

Ghost Gift
Arrives at your door from a delivery service. You sign for the item and the delivery person leaves. However, when you open the item there is a note saying it is a gift from a person that passed away years ago. When you contact the delivery company they have no records of any delivery to your place. The delivery person seems to be different. The gifts are also various and in some way conected to the person that passed away. There have been reports of handwritten notes attached to the gifts sometimes.

Fountain Of Blood
The ghostly Fountain of Blood has been witnessed many times at Battle Abbey, Sussex. It is the place were William the Conqueror triumphed over King Harold in 1066. The fountain is thought to represent the blood that was spilled during the battle. It is a bright read color exactly the same as blood. On occasions it has been reported that the ghost of King Harold has been seen there.

Fog Bow
The Fog Bow is a very strange apparation that appears in the Alps. It is a mighty arch that appears in the sky when the Sun is behind the travellers back. The Arch gradually becomes a cirlce with a line down the middle. Then two faint crosses will appear on either side. At the time of this apparation there is always a mist or a fog. This is thought to be nothing more then some sort of illusion.

Ghost Extras
An Extra is a term used to describe when a ghost appears on a photo. This sort of thing use to be very common during the early days of photography, but since then it has been established most were fakes. However, there has also been photos over the years were no evidence of fraud has been detected. Some of these photos are currently in the possesion of the University of London.

Mount Everest Ghost
Said to be haunted by a ghost of a climber who died there. No-one is exactly sure who that climber was, but most likely someone from long ago. It seems this is a friendly ghost who helps climbers in need. Climbers Dougal Haston and Doug Scot in 1975 revealed they felt a presence beside them. This ghost shared their snow hole and encouraged them during the final hours of their climb. Some people believe the ghost is Andrew Irvine who disappeared on Everest in 1924.

Drakes Drum
The Drum which Sir Francis Drake carried with him around the world on his voyages is said to have the power to summon back his ghost from the dead. However this can only be done in a time of emergency to save England.

Ghost Dance
Was a dance conducted by native American Indians. It has been around since an unkown time. The dancers would communicate in trance with ghosts. The ghost dance was transmitted to Paiute Wovoka during a time when he became sick. During this time he was taken in trance to see the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit taught him a ghost dance ceremony to hasten reunion with the dead.

Curse of James Dean
James Dean was a famous movie star of the 1950,s and like his screen image he liked to live life in the fast lane. In 1955 Dean was attracted to a car which was a silver gray 1955 Porshe Spyder. He bought the car planning to race it in the upcoming races at Salinas. Dean was thrilled with the car but several of his friends were not. Actor Alec Guiness told Dean to get rid of the car. George Barris said the car seemed to give off "a wierd feeling of an impending doom". On a trip out of Atlantis mechanic Rolf Wuetherich rode with Dean. Behind Dean following in a Ford station wagon was Bill Hickman and Stan Roth. Once on the open highway Dean speeded along until at 3.30 a highway trooper pulled the Porshe over and gave Dean a ticket. Soon Dean and Wuetherich were beginning the ascent of the Diablo Range mountains. At 5.59 P.M. Dean smashed head on into another car driven by Donald Turnupseed. Dean was killed instantly. Wuetherich was thrown free but suffered extensive injuries. Turnupseed suffered only minor cuts. The porshed was very badly mangled. Later on the car was sold to a Barris who planned to use it for spares. But upon the cars arrival at the garage it fell during unloading on to a mechanic breaking one of his legs. Then two physicians bought the engine and drive train to place in their own race cars. On October 2, 1956 they raced the cars using these parts for the first time. One was killed in an accident and the other seriously injured in another accident. Two of the tyres off Deans car were sold to young man who later reported that both tyres had blown at the same time very nearly causing a serious accident. Souviner seeking fans tried to steal parts off Deans car only to suffer severe injuries. The California Highway Patrol decided to use Deans vehicle as part of safety exhibit. During one of the exhibits the garage used to house Deans car went up in flames. Strange all the vehicles inside were destroyed except Deans car. Later when on display at a Sacrimento high school the car fell off its pedestal breaking a students hip. Then after that the car was sent to Salinas, but on the way the car fell off the flat bed truck killing the driver. Two years later it fell off another truck causing an accident. Then in 1958 it caused another accident. In 1959 the car was on display when for no reason it suddenly collapsed into 11 pieces. In 1960 the car was crated and sent to Los Angeles. But it never arrived, somewhere on the way it just disappeared.

Ghost Coffins
Are when coffins which have been sealed inside crypts for some reason are able to move themselves. These coffins are heavy, lead coffins that would require more than one person to shift them. The coffins are often found in dissaray as if they had been thrown around by a violent force. The coffins are restored to their original positions only to be found in disarray when the vaults are reopened. In a couple of cases it has been found that the movement was caused by the crypts flooding. But aside from that no other logical reason has been found. Some people have theorized that the coffins are disturbed by poltergeists or ghosts. Some people say it is the dead who are unhappy about where they are buried. Others think it may be caused by the dead who for whatever reasons do not want to be placed in the same vaults as another particular person. It has also often been found that these disturbances of ghost coffins often occur in vaults where one of the buried committed suicide.

Ghost Calls
From the the dead seems to be a random event. Most of ghost calls are between people who are related as family members. The ghost calls are usually initiated by the deceased wishing to impart a farewell message. Many ghost calls take place on days of importance such as mothers day or birthdays. People who have recieved phone calls from the dead report that the voices are exactly the same as when the person was living. The telephone rings normally but the connection is usually bad with static. The voice of the deceased tends to grow fainter as the call progresses. Somtimes the voice fades away completely. Ghost calls usually occur when you are in a passive state of mind. In some very interesting cases the call is placed long distance and connected by an operator. Checks with the telephone company turned up no evidence of a call on there records. Phone calls are sometimes placed to the dead as well. A person places a call to someone only to find out later that the person was already dead at the time of the call. In ghost calls the deceased usually imply that there is little time to talk.

Ghost Bus
The Ghost Bus arrives late at night to pick up passengers who have just missed their bus. It is reported that passengers who are running late and just missed their bus have suddenly had another bus arrive on the scene. The driver of the Ghost Bus is reported as a small, old man who opens up a friendly chat on the way home. The bus driver tells the passenger the ride is free. Investigations have shown no records of any such bus from the bus companies that run the route. The Ghost bus is reported to be very old and seems to be in need of repairs. No-one has recalled seeing the eact color of the bus.

Ghost Bicycle
Often seen when people are driving alone on an outback highway late at night. The Ghost Bicycle suddenly appears from nowhere on the side of the road just in front of the car. A Ghost like rider is peddling the bicycle and stays just in front of the car. No matter how fast the car travels the bicycle stays in front. Eventually the Ghost Bicycle suddenly turns off the road into the darkness. No-one has seen the face of the ghost, but from the back it can be identified as a male. The clothes of the ghost seem to indicate that the ghost may have been a racing rider in real life.

Ghost Arrivals
The appearance of a person in advance of his real arrival. The arriving ghost appears as the real person, speaking and wearing the same clothes. Of the theories put forward one is that the person somehow projects a double. Another is that the person projects themself out-of-body. The famous Mark Twain had an experience with an arrival ghost. He met a women he knew at a reception and then later met at supper. However the real women was stuck on a train running late for the reception.

Ghost Armies
Have been reported right throughout history. The earliest reports of ghost armies come from ancient Assyria when ghost armies were said to have attacked desert cities. There were also reports of ghost armies fighting the Americans during the Vietnam war. Ghost armies dressed in civil war uniforms have been seen on Marston Moor. Both the first and second world wars have produced the largest number of ghost armies. During the first world war ghost armies fount on the western front and in Galippoli. It is said that ghost armies continue to repeat battle scenes long after the war has finished too.

Ghost Apparations
Can appear and disapear very suddenly. They can move through walls, cast shadows and their reflection can be seen in a mirror. Ghost Apparations may appear real or sometimes may appear fuzzy or transparent. Sometimes Ghost Apparations are accompnied by smells or give sensations of chills. Most apparations seem to have a purpose such as communicating a message.

Ankou Ghost
The Ankou Ghost gaurds cemetries. Stories of this ghost have been around for hundreds of years. In some parts of ancient Europe, whenever a new graveyard was built, it was common to bury someone alive in the first grave so a ghostly gaurdian was created. This Ankou would then protect the graveyard. The Ankou is thought to give that shiver which people say is like someone walking over my grave. There appears to be no firm description of this Ghost.

Stone Age Ghost
Perhaps the oldest ghost story recorded in the world. The Stone Age Ghost gallops on horseback across Cranborne Chase in Dorset. This ghost appears in furs and rides his shaggy mount bareback with an axe in his hand. Some people believe the Stone Age Ghost was a warrior. There have been so many numerous sightings with such similar detail it adds credence to its truth.

Adelphi Theatre Haunting
The Adelphi Theatre is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of William Terris. Terris was a popular actor killed by a jealous rival. Terris was killed on December 16, 1897 during the run of the "Secret Service". Actor Richard Prince hated Terris and killed him as Terris was unlocking the Adelphi Theatre stage door. Terris died in the arms of his Mistress, Jessie Milward. As he was dying he whispered "Ill be back". The first reporting of the ghost at the Adelphi Theatre was 1928. A stranger saw a male figure in Maiden Lane which he said was a ghost. He later identified the figure as Terris from a photograph. Poltergiest activity started to manifest in the dressing room once used by Milward. In 1956 the ghost of Terris was reported at the Covent Garden Underground. Later again there was a sighting in the Adelphi Theatre.

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