Hugo Chávez was born July 28, 1954, in Sabaneta, Barinas, Venezuela. Both his parents were school teachers. From an early age, Hugo was sent to live with his paternal grandmother in Sabaneta. There Hugo attended elementary school at the Julián Pino School. Later, Chavez attended high school at the Daniel Florencio O'Leary School in the town of Barinas.

Chávez enrolled at the Venezuelan Academy of Military Sciences at 17 years old and graduated in 1975. Later, Chavez studied political science at Caracas' Simón Bolívar University.

After studies, Chávez initially entered active-duty military duty. His military career lasted 17 years and included several decorations.

On February 4, 1992, Hugo Chavez lead a coup to overthrow a government that was unpopular with the people and had used brutal methods to supress the population. Altough the coup failed, Chavez become a national hero of the people. Chávez was sent to Yare prison. In 1994, Chavez was pardoned by President Rafael Caldera.

In 1998, Chávez started his campaign for the Presidency of Venezuela. In 1998, Chávez won the Presidential election with a massive 56% of the vote. On February 2, 1999, Chávez took the presidential oath of office. In the year 2,000, Hugo Cavez again run and won the Presidentional election with an increased vote of 60%.

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