The beginnings of Teotihuacan are unsure and open to some debate. Its ending is also still obscure. In the 7th century, Teotihuacán was destroyed by fire. Teotihuacan is referred to as the "City of the Gods". The history of Teotihuacan may be divided into six main sections: Metepec, Miccaotli, Patlachique, Tlamimilolpa, Tzacualli, and Xolalpan. At its peak of popularity, Teotihuacan had more then 200,000 people living there. It was a later civilization, the Aztecs, that gave "Teotihuacan" its name. These days, Teotihuacan is Mexico’s most visited archeological site.

The most important and oldest megalithic henge in Britain, predating the druids with active use between 2600 and 1600 B.C. It is said to be the largest henge in the world. It 28.5 acres. The site may have served neoloithic goddess worship and is considered a centre of earth by witches, pagans and others. The avebury henge is surrounded on three sides by the marlborough chalk chalk downs and consists of a 15 foot high bank, 1,200 feet in diameter, encircling an outer ditch. The bank is intersected by four roads, which are thought to have been causeways, and provide access to and egress from the henge. Avebury in many ways looks like a circled cross. Within the large outer circle stands the ruins of two and perhaps three smaller circles. The great outer circle once contained about 100 upright sarsen stones. Only 27 remain. The rest where destroyed by the puritans in the 17th and 18th centuries. The largest of all these weigh about 60 tons and stand about 25 feet tall. The exact purpose of avebury is not known. Excavations have uncovered human remains suggesting it may have been used for a burial site. Some people believe avebury was a serpent temple used by the druids. Most believe avebury was built by bronze age Beaker folk. Beaker pottery has been uncovered in that area.

The name avebury implies that at some time in history it was a burial site. It was referred to as such in the 10th century charter of King Athelstan.

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