Chinese Marriage Culture

Traditionally marriage in ethnic Chinese societies has been an arrangement between families. Originally Chinese culture allowed for romantic love and monogamy was the norm.

Chinese Marriage Customs
It is considered to bring bad luck to the marriage if the bride and groom wear clothing that is black, blue or grey. The wedding costume dress worn for the wedding is usually of the colours: red, yellow and white.

Wedding Gifts for Chinese Marriage
The bride will be given presents by her family and friends a few days before the marriage day. Usually presents consist of gifts that will be useful for the house: kitchen appliances, crockery, furniture, sewing machine, etc.

At The Brides Home
The bridegroom prepares himself. He gets capped and dressed in a long gown, red shoes and a red silk sash with a silk ball on his chest. He kneels at the ancestral altar as his father put a cap decorated with cypress leaves on his head. Then the bridegroom set out to receive his bride The groom will visit the bride’s home on the wedding day. A "sam poh", who is a female, will receive payment for her services. These services will be to ensure that all customs are observed. She will guide the couple through the ceremony. The ceremony starts with the ritual of worshipping the ancestors. Tea will be served by the couple to the bride’s parents. The Brides parents will then present the couple with a "ang pow". The wedding couple will then serve tea to the elder siblings and close elder relatives. The couple bow while serving the tea. The couple will now depart for the grooms house.

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At the Grooms Home
The grooms home should be decorated in red. When the bride crosses the threshold of the groom’s home she becomes part of the grooms family. A tea serving ceremony is performed to worship the ancestors. The couple will then be considered married by traditional Chinese custom. After the ceremonies the bride will be taken to rest in a bridal chamber by her bridesmaids.

Chinese Wedding Banquet
The wedding banquet is held usually on the wedding night. Guests at the wedding banquet will bring a red packet and sign a guestbook. Traditionally wedding banquets were held in the home. The wedding couple will often drink a toast at each table of the banquet. The end of the wedding comes with the signing of the marriage register.

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