AMAETHON : Welsh God of Agriculture. A son of Don and brother of Gwydion. Associated with plowing and husbandry. The modern Welsh name for a farmer is amaethwr and the Welsh word for plowman is amaeth.

ANGUS MAC OG : Ireland; god of youth, love, and beauty. One of the Tuatha De Danann, name means "young son." He had a harp that made irresistible music, and his kisses turned into birds that carried messages of love.

ARAWN : Wales; god of the dead and the underworld Annwn. God of revenge, terror, and the dead.

BARINTHUS : Welsh, Anglo-Celtic, A charioteer to the residents of the Otherworld who was once probably a sea or sun God.

BELATUCADROS : British Celtic War God. His name means "fair shining one".

BELI : Welsh, The primary Welsh father God, husband of Don, and father of Arianrhod. Also a minor sun God who some feel is the Welsh equivalent of Balor.

BORVO : Breton, God of healing. Borvo's name means 'to boil', and he was a God of the hot springs.

BRAN THE BLESSED : Welsh, Pan-Celtic, Also Bran MacFebal. His name means 'crow', or 'Raven'. Associated with ravens, he is the God of prophecy, the arts, leader, war, the Sun, music, writing.

CAMULOS : British, War God. Known from inscriptions and coinage bearing the symbol of a boar.

CERNUNNOS : Pan-Celtic, Known to all Celtic areas in one form or another. The Horned God; God of Nature; God of the Underworld and the Astral Plane; Great Father; "the Horned One".

CONDATIS : Britain, God who personified the waters, his sacred sites were wherever two rivers or bodies of water met.

DISPATER : Continental, Also Dis Pater. Gaulish God, whose name means "the Father," was a primal God of creation who later merged with both Don and Cernunnos, the Horned God. The Gauls all believed themselves to be descended from him.

DWYVAN : Welsh, Also Dwyfan. Dwyvan and his wife, Swyfach, are the heroes of the Welsh flood myth. Together they built an ark, filled it with animals, and survived the great flood caused by Addanc, a lake God/dragon/fairy. Though later versions of this myth are distorted in order to make it conform to the Biblical Iverson. Later on the Christian church went to great lengths to destroy any records on the truth of this history.

DYLAN : Welsh, God of the Sea. His symbol was a silver fish.

ESUS : Breton, Continental, Also Essus. A harvest God worshipped in Brittany, and in Gaul by the people known as the Essuvi.

GOVANNON : Welsh, God of smiths and metalworkers. The weapons he makes are deadly in their aim, the armor unfailing in its protection.

GRANNOS : Scottish, Anglo-Celtic, Continental, An early continental God of mineral springs whose shrines have been found in the Scotland town of Musselburgh, in Auvergne, France, and near Edinburgh, Scotland.

GWYDDNO : Welsh, This one time sea God came down in myth as a monster of faery of the ocean.

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GWYN AP NUAD : Welsh, King of the Fairies and the underworld.

THE HORNED GOD : Pan-Western European, Opener of the Gates of Life and Death; Herne the Hunter; Cernunnos; Green Man; Lord of the Wild Hunt. The masculine, active side of Nature; Earth Father. His sacred animals were the stag, bull, goat, bear.

LLUD : Anglo-Celtic, Welsh, Known in Wales as the son of Beli, and a death God in his own right.

LUGH : Pan-Celtic, The Shining One; Sun God; God of War; "Many Skilled"; "Fair-Haired One"; "White or Shining"; a hero god.

MANDRED : Cornish, In Cornish legends, Mandred is the true name of God which, when pronounced, draws the All-Power to the one speaking it.

MYRRDIN WYLLT : Welsh, A woodland God who deliberately grew feathers so he could leap from tree to tree.

OGHMA : Scottish, Irish, God of communication and writing who invented the Ogham Alphabet and gave it to the Druids.

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