In west-north-west of Marseilles on Golfe du Lion is the old province of Languedoc where in 1208 the people were condemed to death by catholic pope Innocent 111. In 1209 a papal army of more than 30,000 soldiers descended on the region under the command of Simon de Montfort. The soldiers had been sent to kill and exterminate the Cathar religeon.

The killing went on for v35 years claiming thousands of lives of men women and children.

The doctrine of the Cathars was basically Gnostic, they were basically spiritual people. The catholic churches fear of the Cathars was in part causec by the Cathars knowledge of the bloodlines of Jesus, which was in conflict with the churches propaganda of the crucifixtion. The Cathars were also said to be the gaurdians of a great and sacred treasure, associatted with an ancient knowledge. The Catharts also regarded Mary Magdalene as the Grail Mother.

The Cathars were tolerent of other peoples religeons and believed in equality of the sexes. Their belief of equality of the sexes was a major problem for the catholic church which wanted to suppress women.

The Cathars believed in God, recited the prayer, had a welfare system for the poor, elderley and sick, schools, hospitals, charity and a fine society. The Cathars also practised birth control which led to all sorts of accusations.

The catholic church also believed that the Cathars were in possession of the Table of Testimony and the Jerusalem Manuscripts of the gospel era. The Cathar religeon was presumed to hold enough information of substance as to expose the fundemental concept of the catholic church. There was only one solution for the desperate and fanatical church, to kill them all.

In 1209 the papal troops arrived in the foothills of Pyrenees and the savage campaign was called the Albigensian Crusade. The people were murdered in their thousands, including men, women and children. Whole towns were destroyed but the treasure was never found. The Cathar religeon was completley genicided.

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