Astral Travel is often known as out-of-body experience. It is the conscious separation of the astral body from the physical body.

This results in an altered state of consciousness. There are a large amount of techniques in Astral Travel that can be used to achieve this including meditation, trance and imagination techniques.

A large amount of people who experience astral travel report that the experience happened from a vantage point such as high in the sky looking down. A number of controlled tests have taken place which support the existence of astral travel.

Astral Travel has also been reported by some people who have had a near death experience. Some people who have had this type of experience have reported watching their operation and recalling conversations among hospital staff.

The astral body is often reported as being joined to the physical body by a silver cord - an etheric umbilical cord. Some people believe that if the cord breaks while in astral travel you will not be able to return to the physical body.

You need to be calm and very relaxed when you Astral travel.

You should not be over full in the stomach or feeling hungry.

Practise Astral Travel only when your mind can be focused.

Make sure the room temperature is comfortable.

Do not get too excited or fired up.

Stay balanced.

People who are having relationship problems usually have difficulty in projecting.

Build a support system around you on this. Talk to others about astral travel. Join a newsgroup.

Do not use astral travel for the wrong reasons.

Astral Attacks:
Some people have reported being attacked while astral travelling by other astral travellers. Some people even claim to have returned to their bodies to have found marks and bruises. There has been much debate on this subject and it is hard to arrive at any conclusion. Most people who do claim to be attacked often portray the victim role in real life also, so the attacks during astral travel may in some way be self induced.

Bilocation Astral Travel: This type of astral travel is only for the highly experienced and comes after years of training. It is basically where the astral body, etheric body and consciousness are actually in two or more different places all at the same time.

Animal Astral Travel is also common and many people who travel report seeing their pets travel with them. One person I know told me that when they travel hundreds of animals from their farm are astral travelling with them sometimes.

Astral Time Travel
Is it possible to leave your body, time travel to a different time, and re-enter your younger body? Are astral bodies limited by time?..........Joey. I have done this many times as a learning exercise, and to rehearse different strategies for dealing with situations that I thought I had messed up when I experienced them the first time. The good news is that you can go right back and relive the past to a certain extent. It looks and feels pretty much the same as you remember, but the more times I try this the more I recognize that I am not really in the past, but in a recreation. The limiting factor is recall. Can you remember it all clearly? If you can, then the experience will be very real. Is it something you don't remember well? If that is the case, you may find that your unconscious fills in the blanks and it isn't always consistent. There are probably others who feel differently, but when I go back to the same time and place I notice that minor details differ from the last time I was there, which is what leads to me think that it is entirely an interior experience. Still it is a lot of fun, and definitely an enhancement of memory recall, but it can get difficult to separate the real from the unconscious fiction. I guess we all suffer from that malady to one degree or another. I also have had success with changing the events in ways which did not happen, and even going up the timeline to see what impact it might have had on the present, or a least a less distant past. Once again this suggests that either there are a lot of alternate realities out there which reflect the different possibilities, or that I have a very creative imagination that can manufacture these images for me.......Peter.

Astral Travel Techniques
Start by pining a length of rope to the ceiling above you. Have it hanging within arms reach so you can easily reach up and touch it. Reach out and touch it frequently until you are used to where it is in your mind. By being able to reach out and touch the rope you used to the spatial coordinates of where the invisible, imaginary rope is. This grows both in your mind and hence as a thought form, making it easier to imagine yourself reaching out and climbing the imaginary rope. You do NOT have to actually visualize, or see, the rope at any time, just know where it is supposed to be. Reaching out and pulling on this imaginary rope shifts the bodily awareness induced point of consciousness out of the body with a natural action that puts direct pressure on one point of the etheric body.
The Technique
Using a meditation technique of your choosing place yourself into a state of deep relaxation. Reach out with your imaginary hands and pull yourself hand over hand up the invisible, imaginary rope hanging above you. Try and imagine the feel of a rope in your hands. You will feel a slight dizzy sensation inside you as you do this. This is caused by exerting dynamic pressure on the etheric body. The dizzy sensation comes from the etheric body loosening. This feeling of vertigo will intensify the more you pull on the rope. Just keep climbing, hand over hand, ever upwards, and you will feel the heavy sensation come over you. The pressure you are exerting on your etheric body will force you into the trance state. Ignore this when it happens and concentrate on what you are doing. Keep climbing and you will feel your chakras open in response to the pressure. Next you will feel the vibrations start, your whole body will seem to be vibrating and you will feel paralysed. Next you will feel yourself coming free of your body. You will buzz slightly as you feel yourself coming out of your body. You will exit your body in the direction of your imaginary rope and will be hovering above your body. You're free at last.......Robert.
The Moving Anchor
After meditating into a state of total deep relaxation, imagine an object about 6 feet in front of your eyes (assuming that you are lying down). Now feel this object pulling at you like a magnet. Once you can see the object clearly in your minds eye and feel the pull of the object on you, begin to move the object slowly towards you. Just a small amount at first. As the object moves towards you feel the pull getting stronger. Now move it back again (the pull gets weaker as you do). Now repeat the process moving the object closer each time and feeling the pull becoming stronger and stronger as the object comes closer. Once you are comfortable with the movement of the object begin the process again, only this time the movement of the object should be a fluid motion, and as the object moves to and fro it should be like a wave. You should also feel this wave on yourself as the pull gets stronger and weaker and stronger again. Finally as the object virtually reaches you the strength of the pulling force combined with the wavelike motion will simply pull you right out of your physical body.......Robert. All that is needed is for you to focus on your breathing. When you breathe in, notice it. Notice how the air feels on the tips of your nostrils ... and then again, when you breathe out. It's important that this be done during an activity .. @ work, shopping, daily activities, etc. .... not in isolation. Do not train your breathing. Just let it flow and watch it ... then start to focus on the gap between breaths. After a while, you'll begin to notice a certain distancing effect .... almost as if your own activities and the things around you are a drama that you're watching. You're not really a part of it, although you are acting through the part. It produces a sense of separateness, that is similar to the point in time right before an OBE occurs. I like this technique because it's very simple to do, and it isn't a solitary technique ... it's meant to be attempted at various times throughout the day. It also helped me learn to passively watch my mind's hynogogia before falling asleep (like "watching" my daily activities), while keeping another portion of my attention awake and aware enough to successfully achieve an OBE....James. Using this method, however, will safeguard your trip, because a spiritual traveler will come and guide you. Make sure that you have twenty minutes undisturbed. Lie down, sit in a good chair, and close your eyes. Take a few deep breath, to make sure you are breathing calmly, and that your heart beat at a relaxed pace. Now, concentrate on your third eye, just above your nose, between your eyes. Take a deep breath, and while breathing our, softly sing Huuuuuuuuu. It`s sung like the man`s name, Hugh . Sing as long as you feel comfortable with each breath, but don`t run out of breath. Be relaxed. Sing this for a ten to fifteen minutes, then sit quiet, and look in a relaxed manner for the light in the third eye. Do this EVERY day, until one day, something happens. This ensure you that you are getting some soul travel experience, and not astral, which is both limited, and not so secure. You may get your first obe in the Dream state, and the man that comes to guide you, may be invisible at first, but he will be working for your benefit, with your first Hu.....Lisa. During sleep a 'scene' will appear.
'Will' yourself into the scene, and go....Submitted by Craft.
Hi my name is Matt and I've been Astral
Its so easy . All I do is point my nose to the ground think of where i want to go and all of a sudden i'm there ! Ive been doing this for a long time now . I don't know how it works and I am only 10 years old but i love astral projection . But i have to be careful some times because my power of Astral Travel will take me over ! Some times my power will work automatically , it will work even when i don't want it to it just happens . Well any way thanks for your time and support.

Myths About Astral Travel
Astral travel has nothing to do with religion or magic. It really requires no paraphernalia or rituals of any type. In many ways astral travel is a controlled experiment. I believe that astral travel is in no way dangerous. There is no evidence that has been submitted to me to show that anyone has ever suffered any negative effects from astral travel under natural conditions. Astral Travel is safe and a great adventure.

How Common is Out Of Body
Research indicates that between 5 to 10 % of people have experienced an out of body experience. That amounts to as much as 30 million in the USA alone. A further 85% of those people indicated that had the experience while resting or trying to sleep. In some cases an out of body experience has occurred during high speed travelling. Both aircraft pilots and motor cycle riders have reported the experience. Some pilots reported finding themselves out of the plane trying to get back in. Yet at the same time being aware that still also in the plane and flying it. There are reported cases where the person has travelled a large distance to another place and even held a conversation which has been confirmed by those present.

Natural Astral Travel
There are a number of differences between deliberate and spontaneous astral travel.
People who experience spontaneous out of body report a body shape that is usually an exact double of their physical body.
People who experience deliberate out of body report a body shape that is altered at will.
People who experience deliberate out of body also report a type of joining to the body such as a silver cord.
There are also many similarities between the two.
Both experiences report an increased sense of energy and vitality.
A much higher sense of sight and hearing.
Strange sounds such as loud bangs.
An altered sense of vibration of the consciousness.
People who have experienced an out of body have a much stronger belief in life after death.
One of the most interesting points is that people people report that the experience retains its sense of realness indefinitely.

Astral Dreaming
Are we really just dreaming or are we really astral travelling? The answer seems certain to be no, were not dreaming. Characteristics of dreams are that they are unlike real life. Dreams are often vague, hard to remember in full and fade over time. The character of astral travel is that it is real. It is easy to remember, and you recall everything that happened during the astral travel experience. The experience is easily remembered in detail and the experience does not fade over time. Also astral travel can happen while the person is awake. People who astral travel have no doubts about what has happened. The dream theory is mostly pushed by people who have not yet experienced astral travel.

The Scientific Evidence
During experiments on astral travel volunteers who were able to leave their body were wired up to an Electroencephalograph machine. The EEG instruments are monitored by electrodes placed on the volunteers scalp. These electrodes record the electrical potential of the celebrial cortyex.
The following results were recorded
Alpha waves decrease.
Betta waves increase, indicting the volunteer is awake.
Electrodermal activity falls.
Respiration rate increases.
REM is absent.
No Theta or Delta waves.
The tests show something is happening, but not exactly what that is. Another test involved getting a person to project and getting him to reveal numbers that were written on a board in the next room. Seven numbers were used in this test.
However the volunteer was at no stage able to recall the seven numbers. However he did on one occasion recall six numbers in the exact order. This in itself indicates something.
In another test a female volunteer was able to recall conversations in another room. There is certainly a need for more testing over a long period with large groups of volunteers in a controlled situation so as to establish some sort of scientific opinion on this.

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Astral Travel Theories
Some people say we are always out.
That the feeling is in fact that we become aware of the fact. That in fact nothing leaves the body because we are having the experience on a continual situation. This theory however offers no explanation as to the feeling of leaving or returning. Some people think that astral projection is Lucid Dreaming. However when one examines the evidence from EEG readings it tends to indicate there is a clear difference. Some people feel that Astral Travel is just an Hallucination. Physiologically the two are very similar. Both have a sense of realness. Both have heightened sense of vision of vision and hearing. There is one major difference though. A person who has experienced both Astral travel and a hallucination can easily distinguish between the two. Some people say that Astral travel is just a Psychosis of some kind. This is a very negative approach and in fact insulting. It also does not stand up to close inspection.

Getting Back In After Astral travel
Getting back in after Astral Travel is really as simple as just Willing yourself back in. Also you will find that any occurrence such as a strange noise, wind or light will take you straight back in. Sometimes while doing astral travel you may hear a loud bang, much like a very loud clap and this will force you back in in an instant. There is no evidence to suggest you will not be able to get back in, get taken over, not find your body or any other such thing. Getting back in is simple and straight forward. The main thing is to relax during astral travel, everything will just move smoothly if you relax.

Astral Duality
In some instances as a beginner in Astral Travel you may become a little confused. One of the main conditions is a state known as Astral Duality. This is a situation were you are out and can see your physical body and yet at the same time you are also aware of being in your physical body and seeing your astral body. Basically its like your consciousness being in both places at the same time. There are things you may do. You can turn away and stop looking at your physical body. Or you can simply just go back in. Its a common experience that sooner or later everyone will go through when they astral travel.

Multiple Astral Bodies
Sometimes when you are astral travelling you may become aware that there are more than one of you that is out. This is what is termed Multiple Astral Bodies. This situation is very rare and nothing to worry about. You will probably eventually come across this if you astral travel a lot It appears to be just an illusion and the seat of consciousness remains with you. Usually You will see just one more of you, but some people have reported seeing several of themselves while astral travelling.

Astral Paralysis
Sometimes when you are about to return to your physical body after astral travel you may get a feeling that your physical body is in some way paralysed. This may cause you to panic but there is nothing to worry about. This paralysis is normal and very quickly disappears. This state of paralysis is known as a Catatonic State. Most people never experience this but others have it every time.

Astral Wind
Sometimes when you are astral travelling you may encounter a strange astral wind. It may appear very sudden and from nowhere. The Astral Wind may be fast and gushing. It may be a mild wind or it may blow strong. Sometimes the astral wind is very noisy and at other times it is silent. If you are in an enclosed room this may startle you. Do not worry as the wind will cause you no problems.

Astral Noise
Sometimes when you are astral travelling you may hear many strange noises. Sometimes these are very loud bangs, high pitched whistles or even sonic booms. Although it may disturb you the noises can do no harm. Sometimes the noises make you jump back into your body. People have often reported hearing a one note flute in a forest of wind. Some other people report never hearing any noises and seem to travel in silence.

Astral Faces
Sometimes beginners to astral travel may experience seeing faces of a demon type nature on the astral plane. This tends to scare a lot of people, some people may even chose never to astral travel again. But this is nothing to worry about. The best explanation is that it seems to be your own mind playing games with you. Once you realize this the faces will disappear. I'm not aware of anyone having had problems here with these astral faces they have seen, and all report that they eventually drop off never to be seen again.

Astral Travelling Experiences
I think that what happened to me one night was not a dream, because it was so real. It was two years age, and I was eight months pregnant, I was sleeping and suddenly I woke up and saw that I was only inches away from the ceiling, and then I heard a loud humming sound mixed with the sound of a train passing by ; it did scare me because it felt so real, all of my surrounding where the same as when I was awake, so I new it could not be a dream. When I tried to move I felt paralyzed and that scared me even more, so then I asked God to help me, and all of the sudden I could move, and then I jumped out of bed fully awake ,and realizing what had just happend to me.

My one and only experience of astral travel was about three years ago. I had been researching survival after death and the existence of a soul or spirit when I came upon the subject of astral travel and I naturally thought that if I could leave my body, then the pro-spirit group would win my vote. I was very sceptical. Over a period of time I read articles and books on the subject and then when I thought I was ready, I tried to leave my body. I was, in spite of my reassuring research quite fearful and many attempts were made and were unsuccessful. I lay there after doing my breathing and relaxing excercises and whilst trying to keep a focus on staying conscious, I would feel involuntary twitches in my legs (mainly) and arms. I thought it would never happen. All I wanted to do, was know that I could get out of my body and know that I could get back in. The latter causing me a little concern. Then one night, I decided upon another attempt and settled down to my relaxation and breathing. On previous attempts I had tried to focus on staying conscious and upon projecting myself out of my body. But this time, I just said in my mind, that I wanted to leave my body and I wanted to remember everything. With that I just relaxed and forgot about it. Some time later, I opened my eyes and there seemed to be a difference in my surroundings. The first difference being that, it was night time and the bedroom light was off, however the whole room seemed to be bathed in a greyish 'light'. Secondly, although I could see that I was in the natural surroundings of my bedroom, the ceiling was perhaps three or four times higher than it should have been. And thirdly, this was the strange thing, I felt as though I were the size of a pinhead or even a cell. It was only then that I realized that I was 'out of my body'. I was calm, felt no fear or nerves and I just thought to myself ' I want to be on the ceiling'. And with that I was there! Next I felthe sensation of being slowly tossed around and I was tumbling around just below the ceiling. The thought went through my mind that these were the 'astral currents' that I had read about and as I tumbled around I caught glimpses of myself in the bed. I then thought ' I want to go back to my body now' and with that, a little start and I opened my physical eyes. I woke my wife and very excitedly told her that I had finally managed to get out of my body. I have tried and tried to repeat this since then and have had no success at all. I am quite baffled and although I believe deep down that I did leave my body and that I didn't dream it all, I do sometimes have doubts creeping in....Frank Kelly.

I left my body one time a year ago. It was a hell of a surprise. I experienced more in a second or two than I usualy get through in a month.......Ron.

I have been having out of the body experiences since I was 10 yrs old. I have been in other countries flying through the trees either as a bird or a wolf. I just know I was very fast. I have floated above my body and watched myself sleep. I think I was in Italy. The carvings on the buildings were as clear as if I had carved them. I have tried to wake a friend sleeping in the same room and she never heard me. I have had visions of other lives, and I was a boy, I am a female. My mother was a German. I am half German, and half Italian. MY dreams of my past lives and these things about my heretage really add up. Wendy Seagroves

I am not sure whether or not my experiences are "normal" or not but here it goes. I read about Astral Traveling in a book for about an hour I was wearing a blue t-shirt and boxers,I didn't preform any technics to encourage astral traveling at all .I fell into unconsciousness shortly after reading the book and in the Lucid dream-like state I rose from my bed ,The room was the same except for a small boy with anger in his face staring at me. I didn't recognize him at all and my bedroom door was locked. I looked back at the bed and I saw my body lying there asleep I touched the arm physical body, and felt the hand stroke on my "astral" body exactly on the same spot I had rubbed on the physical body,Frightened I fell back into my self and I opened my eyes except now i was floating in the middle of my room my physical body was not there and the child was gone. I went to my closet in this unconscious state and put on a pair of jeans and a black jean overshirt ....I awoken in my bed a few moments later in my sun filled bedroom and I pulled the blanket covers of me ,That is when I noticed I was fully dressed. It was a somewhat startling experience,but a unique one that I will treasure forever....Chad Lange.

I have been experiencing astral travel for many years without the knowledge of such. It seems to run in my family. The most prominent memory of astral travelling was when I was around 14 years old. My older sister and I shared a room, and it was not uncommon for me to leave my body and go watch her sleep. Until this night I had never left my room. Why I am not sure. Maybe from fear, which was always there. Anyways, this night I did. The experience started out like normal, my upper body leaving first, but still attached at the feet. Seeing myself sleeping was always strange, but I was getting used to it. I drifted over to where my sister lay and watched her. Suddenly this strange scary feeling encompassed my body. I began flying very fast around the room uncontrollably and somehow left my room. I was heading down the hall feet first towards the fire place and could not stop. I was really scared. I was screaming so loud but there was no sound. All of a sudden I felt myself ripped back into my room and into my body. I woke up screaming silently to myself and ran like a baby to my sisters side, whom by the way thought I was strange. It wasn't until I told my other sister about my experience that I realized I wasn't alone. It turns out that one of three sisters, myself, grandma, and my father all share in this phenomenom. It is very interesting to me, so I have chosen this topic for an english essay in order to learn more. Perhaps how to better control it and to control my fear.

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