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Conventional wisdom tells us that women and men in relationships with one another should be around the same age. Being similar in age allows the couple to share interests, desires, and life experiences, and it seems sensible that your partner should be from the same generation as yourself. This is especially considered to be true for older women, who, according to society, should be looking to date older men. But for many older women, dating a man her own age is boring and limiting, and she prefers the company of a younger man. But why? Why do older women prefer relationships with younger men?

One of the most common reasons older women date younger men is because they are more active, exciting, and social. Older women find a great deal of excitement in the company of a younger man that is still actively engaged in the local social scene and wants to be out and about for a night of partying on the town. It makes them feel younger, and it also fulfills their need to continue an active, exciting social life, something that many women lose as they age and settle down. By dating a younger man, these women can once again recapture the excitement and energetic social lives of their youth.

Many older women also enjoy being the more energetic partner in bed. Some women will even search out inexperienced, naive men that have not had many partners, and they will take them under their wings, teaching them what really pleases a women. They enjoy being in control in the bedroom, and they enjoy training these impressionable, fresh young men what to do in bed. Plus, these young, inexperienced men find these women to be extremely attractive because of their Female prowess, something older women find flattering.

One of the downsides of aging is that many women start to lose confidence as they age, and dating a younger man, especially one she can mold to worship her and treat her with deference, can be a huge boost to her ego. A younger man can make an older woman feel beautiful and vibrant once again. She may also enjoy having him slung around her arm for a night on the town, flaunting her ability to attract someone so young. He can become a status symbol for her, boosting her ego and making her feel special and valuable once again.

No matter the reason, older women are indeed attracted to younger men despite what conventional wisdom dictates, and that’s perfectly okay. It’s more than okay, it’s a wonderful way for an older woman to find a relationship that fits her needs and desires, and more older women shouldn’t limit themselves by only dating men their age.



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    Many Couples have found true happiness in the pairing of a younger man and an older woman. Women often find themselves feeling more in control of this type of relationship, and the obvious youth of their partner makes them feel younger themselves. But what are the motivations for the younger man? Why do younger men prefer relationships with older women?

    While many younger men do have some level of experience in relationships, most are still quite green. They may have experimented and fooled around a bit with girls their own age, but they haven’t gotten very far. This is due to the fact that the young women these young men have hooked up with are equally as inexperienced as they are, and often young couples fumble around together, not entirely sure what to do in a serious relationship. A young man that dates an older women is immediately thrust into a whole new world of possibilities. The older woman is experienced, knows what she likes, and knows how to make a man feel good. She can teach him how to be better in bed, and she can also blow his mind with her bag of tricks learned over many years of experience. Many young men find this to be the greatest benefit of dating an older woman, and often times don’t want to return to the inexperienced, immature girls they were once getting intimate with.

    Many younger men also prefer the stability aspects of dating an older woman. Most older women have their lives in order. They are drama free, able to support themselves, and know what they want out of life. Younger men are drawn to this as they are still trying to figure out for themselves how best to accomplish these things. They also feel more confident in the relationship, knowing there won’t be as many ups and downs with the older woman as there would be with a younger woman. The stability is especially key for mature younger men who are ready for more commitment.

    Some younger men also enjoy the more controlling, dominant natures of many older women in these types of relationships. While not necessarily a Dom and sub relationship, many older women assume a role of power when dating a younger man. She may be telling him what to do, what to wear, where to go, and how to act, and many younger men find this to be satisfying. It may even feel somewhat maternal to these boys in a way that heightens the experience and speaks to their inner desires.

    Young men that do engage in relationships with older women often find them to be deeply satisfying and pleasing. They are drawn to the power and mystique of the older women, and they revel in her ability to make decisions, command his attention, and take charge in bed. And to these couples, it doesn’t matter what society thinks. They know that being a couple with a younger man and an older woman is amazing, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.